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Ever since I heard the quote –

sometimes you need to slow down to speed up

– it has intrigued me. At first glance (particularly to an engineer like me :-)) it seems a contradiction unto itself. How can you possibly speed up by slowing down? It rarely  works in the physical world, particularly, when you are trying to launch a rocket into space 🙂

However, if we transfer the idea of the quote from the physical space to the mental space of our thoughts, it perhaps makes more sense. In the world of our busy lives, which get busier every day, our minds are overloaded with stimuli. Every external source is in competition for our mind, our thoughts. 

So, it becomes necessary for us to slow down. Take time to process, to filter out, to protect our mind. Then, we can recharge, renew, move forward and speed up!

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Be Well. Be Still. Be the Love.


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