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I was inspired to start SpiritChat four weeks ago (last week of July) by a confluence of events and have received tremendous support from the twitter community and beyond. I have always thought of ‘SpiritChat’ as an open forum, where people can come and share openly.

I have learnt (and am still learning) a lot about how to co-ordinate a twitter ‘chat’ by watching a lot of good folks on twitter conduct their own chat events. One of the oldest chats on twitter is blogchat, run by Mack Collier. This weekly chat has made a great impact on me ~ and one of the lessons I have decided to adopt from blogchat is the idea of an ‘open-mike’ chat. 

However, being an engineer, I like to tweak things. So I thought I would get creative and tweak the ‘open-mike’ idea to a ’focused open-mike’ concept.

The focus this week will be on the Creative Arts (Music, Painting, Writing and more). I think the creative arts are great at ‘slowing us down’ to help us ‘speed up’. P.S. This will echo the subject of our very first SpiritChat 🙂

As I said, there will be no ‘formal’ questions ~ just share and enjoy. Here are some pointers for you (just in case) ~ How do the Creative Arts help you in your spiritual growth? Are you a Creative Artist (musician, author, painter, theater artist or more)? Do you have a favorite “creative art’ or favorite creative technique?

Come join us on Sunday 28th August at 11am EDT (USA, UTC-4) or 8:30pm (India) in the #SpiritChat room (web link). You can also send a tweet with the hashtag #SpiritChat from your twitter platform to send the community your message.

Do share ~ for as @cammipham reminded me the other day (in a chat I learn a lot from), ’Sharing is Caring, Dear’.

~ Kumud

P.S. As I write this post, the East coast of USA is bearing the brunt of Hurricane #Irene. I hope and pray for the safety of all those in in it’s path.