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The Seasons of our Spirit

The first weekend of September is traditionally the ‘End of Summer’ in the USA. Schools have re-opened, back-to-school shopping for supplies is over, parents are taking a breather after a summer filled with ‘camps’, vacations and traveling.

While we would all like the ‘endless summer’, I wonder how many would enjoy something like that? For it is the change of the seasons, summer followed by Fall and preceded by Spring ~ the contrasts between them ~ that add color and ‘spice’ to our lives. I am always amazed at how many of my memories of being in the USA are connected with the seasons, and the periods of transition between them. As we prepare for Fall or Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, mornings get a touch of chill and the days get shorter.

Yes, our physical bodies can feel the change ~ but, what about our spirit? How does the end of summer affect your spirit? Does it welcome the change or does your spirit hanker for the long days and warm summer nights of summer? Does your spirit, your mood, your mental state change with the seasons? Is there a particular season when your spirit feels light (or heavy)?

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