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I have struggled for days with the timing of this chat, as it happens to fall on Sunday,  September 11th 2011. As we all know, it is the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the USA. My struggle was ~ should I be even hosting a chat at 9am EDT on Sep 11th  (which is awfully close to the timing of the first plane striking the twin towers in New York City)?

As I tossed this around in my head, in the midst of one of the busiest weeks in recent times (from a ‘work’ perspective), clarity came in the middle of a conversation with my daughter.

Yes. The chat should go on. It isn’t that the chat is more important than the memory of those who were victims of the attack. But, yes, the chat can be a vehicle for us to pay homage to them by gathering together via social media, and expressing what is on our hearts and minds.

There were many who had no choice ~ they were stuck in those buildings with no apparent escape ~ and then there were those ~ the policemen, the fire-fighters and the ordinary citizens, who voluntarily chose to go into those fiery buildings to serve and rescue those who needed help.

They all served. And some paid the ultimate price by dying for those they sought to rescue. And some are still suffering the health effects of serving those they rescued.

So, let us gather and talk about the ‘Spirit of Service’ ~ what motivates people to serve at such high levels? What can we learn from serving others? And more such questions.

I humbly invite you to come and share at 9am EDT on Sunday Sep 11th. In addition, I will be hosting a special edition at 7pm PST (10pm EDT on Sunday).

And if neither hour is convenient for you ~ because you are perhaps serving your family, your community or your country at that hour ~ please share some thoughts via the comments below with the #SpiritChat community. 

Thank You. And Namaste ~ the spirit of service in me acknowledges the spirit in you.


P.S. And let us not forget our neighbor, Canada, whose towns and communities served and hosted hundreds of airplanes and their passengers for many days after 9/11 because US airspace was closed after the attacks. Thank you.