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A great man is one who has not lost the child’s heart

                            ~ Mencius (372-289 BCE)

We all have experienced the pure joy of being with children ~ whether they are ours or other people’s. There is something about their innocence and purity of Spirit that reminds us perhaps of our own purity and innocence.

I have often heard, and I believe it to be true, that “Children are our Future”. And indeed they are. As a parent, I have developed a great appreciation for the fact that we need to do whatever we can to give them the best environment possible that preserves their innocence and gentle spirit for as long as possible.

This was confirmed to me this week, in perhaps the busiest week of my professional career in a while, in the midst of all the great things that were happening, through this dialogue with my daughter as I got her ready for school.

As breakfast approached on Friday, I asked her, “What do you want for breakfast sweetie?” She thought for a second, and then said, “How about toast?” I know she loves butter on toast., but, I asked anyway ~ “What would you like on your toast?”

Without hesitation, she said “How about YOU on toast Dad!”

I couldn’t help but smile. She must have seen something in my face, perhaps the accumulated weariness of the week gone by, and she wanted to make me smile. My immediate response was ~ “But that’s silly! I won’t fit on the toast!”.

And she said ~ “It’s OK Dad. Just put butter. But, I Love You!”

A simple fifteen second conversation had put my whole week in perspective. My mental exhaustion disappeared in a flash ~ and it took the tender spirit of a child to teach me a great lesson: The ones we Love, particularly children, can always make us smile 🙂

So, I am inspired to invite all of you to share in this coming week ~ let us talk about the “Spirit of Children”. Their uniqueness, their lightness, their radiance and their Love.

Please join us to kick off the discussion on Sunday Sep 18th at 9am ET / 1pm GMT in a chat on twitter with the hashtag #SpiritChat. The morning discussion will be followed by an evening discussion at 7pm PT / 10pm ET and flow into the week.

I leave you with a brief poem by William Wordsworth (1770-1850) titled My Heart Leaps

My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky;

So was it when my life began,

So is it now I am a man;

So be it when I shall grow old,

Or let me die!

The Child is the father of the Man;

And I could wish my days to be

Bound each to each by natural piety.