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Here is the wisdom of the #SpiritChat community ~ as they answered the question ~ What is a childlike spirit? (from the weekly #SpiritChat discussion on Sunday September 18th 2011). Enjoy.

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@ajmanik: Q1. Let us begin ~ What are the characteristics of a ‘childlike’ spirit?

@EmeliaSam: Childlike spirit is completely open. They have a willingness to learn & unquenchable curiosity.

@authenticpower: experiencing everything with fresh eyes and no judgement

@kentuckyliz: The power of pretending – I love the power of imagination in children!

@CJaneBe: A child views the world with curiosity and wonder.

@azmomofmanyhats: A spirit of awe, irreverence, curiosity, innocence, honesty

@kentuckyliz: Un-self-conscious love. Children are very free with their hugs and cuddles.

@DTNEtiquette: unbiased, welcoming, trusting without agenda, eager for the next adventure…

@lindahollier: Awe, openness, totally in the moment.

@jackiehesley: Open Mind. I teach kids to hula hoop. They grab the thing and spin. Adults have a million stories why they cant do it.

@gracinginfinity: ability to use senses that disappear w/age.Sense of wonder,sense of mystical,sense of energy beyond matter,sense of love 4 all

@Simon_GB: Childlike’ spirit is open with no preconceived thoughts of disbelief.

@authenticpower: presence of wonder, absence of fear

@CJaneBe: Children carry less baggage, have fewer preconceived notions based on cultural norms. They see the world with fresh eyes.

@CJaneBe: Zen mind, beginner’s mind. Krishnamurti speaks to thinking for ourselves, without cultural bias. Children do that naturally.

@EmeliaSam: Childlike spirit is unblemished. No judgment. No bias. No fear. Open to all possibilities.

@jackiehesley: Kids are THE connection to the spirit world.

@CJaneBe: Chidlren haven’t yet been ruined by education, nationalization, institutionalized racism.

@carryitforward: Child like state is our true nature – open, non judgmental, curious, radiant, unattached to outcome

@gracinginfinity: there is wisdom in children that we can’t fathom. I remember AWE and “odd” thoughts I had as a child.They have begun to return.

@LadyBJane: We love to learn from kids. They are the truth and the light.

@Simon_GB: Childlike spirit-To believe in the unbelievable, find joy in the simple things in life, 2B free within their own mind

@CJaneBe: Kids are prelapsarian–before the fall

@authenticpower: Children’s souls are transparent and shining. We learn to cover our souls as we grow.

@CJaneBe: Children live in the moment. They have little past and little worry for the future.

@yourpocketguru: Children haven’t been domesticated yet! We have & we can forget at any moment & go back to being a Kid at heart

@EmeliaSam: Children are our reminders of how to live but we insist on acclimating them to this world.

@Simon_GB: Adults can find their Childlike spirit, just need to believe, let go,be free from your ego,free of mind.

@GrandmaOnDeck: The spirit of a child is awesome-you can see it in their big, wide open shiny eyes.

@gracinginfinity: amazing how we can see “old souls” i have 2 daughters i think is old soul & other 2 kids younger souls

@LadyBJane: Children ARE spirit. Pure and clean.

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