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We all lead busy lives ~ online and offline. As technology gives us more and more access to online communities, our lives have the potential to get even busier than before.

We read books, magazines and try and listen to positive, engaging conversations on the radio or on television.

We try and learn new things by reading other folks’ blogs and post comments on their posts. We write our own blog articles and answer comments that folks leave on our blogs.

We try and update our own Facebook pages or our ‘status’ and try to ‘like’ others’ pages, comment on their ‘status’ and answer their latest questions.

We strive to stay engaged on twitter ~ to respond to all those mentions and retweets, to make sure we thank everyone, respond to their questions and post some of our own thoughts.

And then there’s LinkedIn and YouTube or the latest social media platform ~ and on and on it goes. And let’s not even talk about email and texting, shall we?

Somewhere amongst all this online activity, we manage to lead ‘normal’ lives where we may be raising a family, running a household, going to a job (or looking for a job) or running a business, taking care of our parents, working with charities, doing volunteer work, taking care of our finances and (gasp) ~ getting together with our friends. Then there is exercise and recreation and getting ready for festivals and holidays and birthday parties and so on.

And then, one day, in the silence of the evening, when the rest of the family has gone to bed ~ we make a cup of tea, pick up a book from our stack of unread books ~ and wonder. 

How did our lives get so complex? Perhaps we need to simplify. Perhaps we need to put aside the constant churning of thoughts in our mind. Perhaps we need time to pause, reflect and contemplate.

Perhaps, it is time awaken or re-awaken our Spirit of Inquiry, and ask some important questions.

What is our over-arching spiritual goal? Do we have a guide or a plan to achieve this goal? Do we have the resources and tools to execute our plan? What are willing to give up to execute our plan?

Maybe you already have all the answers you need. In that case, please come and share, help those looking for answers. If you are like me, and are looking for answers, please join us in a discussion on twitter.

I invite you to talk about the “The Spirit of Inquiry” on Sunday October 16th at 9am ET/1pm GMT (‘evening’ edition at 7pm PT/10pm ET). Please tweet with the hashtag #SpiritChat (or visit tweetchat.com ) to join in our scheduled twitter chat. 

Thank you. Be well. 

Kumud ~ @AjmaniK

P.S. Please leave a comment about the “Spirit of Inquiry” if you cannot join us at the appointed hour. We would love to hear from you. Thank you.

Update: Here are the questions that were asked during the chat:

Q1. What does ‘a spirit of inquiry’ in spiritual matters mean to you? Do you engage in it?
Q2. Is a ‘spirit of inquiry’ in spiritual matters encouraged? Or is ‘compliance’ the norm? 
Q3. Should parents encourage children to engage in spiritual inquiry? How? At what age?
Q4. Do we need specific, measurable, written spiritual goals? Or are they unnecessary?
Q5. What resources or techniques help you in spiritual inquiry? Please share.
Q6. Do we need a spiritual guide to help us achieve our goal? Do you have one?

Here is the link to the transcript: http://bit.ly/sc-tr-1016