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As November gathers steam, the thoughts of people in the USA move towards the last week of November, and the holiday that celebrates Thanksgiving. It is perhaps the one holiday which remains true to its spirit of celebrating family, with family. The one holiday which hasn’t been overly commercialized, perhaps because the one principal gift that is exchanged on this occasion is ~ Thanks, or gratitude.

In our busy lives, as we rush around trying to accomplish our tasks on any given day, some of us (like me) sometimes forget to stop, pause, and say thanks. The opportunities to show gratitude abound in every act of kindness that is done toward us ~ by friends, family, co-workers, service people, and perhaps even strangers.

We just have to be mindful, be aware of that moment in time when the other person abandons their own need and focuses on our need. When the other person acknowledges that we may need a small helping hand, and reaches out, sometimes, even without our asking for it. How can we acknowledges these simple, selfless acts of kindness towards us? Perhaps, with a smile, and with a spirit of gratitude.

The great philosopher, Cicero said:

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.”

Can gratitude really affect our spiritual growth? Many different faiths and religious traditions are said to promote ‘a sense of gratitude’ as the cornerstone of their practice.

But are those who are more inclined to towards spirituality, necessarily more advanced than others in their sense of gratitude?

Can we actually increase our sense of gratitude over time? How does an attitude of gratitude (or the lack of it) affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being?

Please join us in a special SpiritChat discussion this Sunday, November 13th at 9am ET. Your host this week will be Joanne Cipressi (@JoanneCipressi), who is a professional ‘Life Coach’. She will be joined by Martina McGowan (@MartinaMcGowan), a physician and ‘seeker of knowledge’. Thank you, Joanne and Martina!


P.S. I am very grateful to Joanne and Martina for taking up the mantle of continuing #SpiritChat while I travel abroad. Thank you to both ladies ~ I know that they are much loved and appreciated by the entire community.

Please leave a comment about gratitude and how it affects your life. Thank you!