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The first week’s topic of discussion in 2012 in #spiritchat (in the context of spiritual growth) was “The Spirit of Action.” This week, we will attempt to address the role of “Knowledge” and it’s role in spiritual growth.

We are all born with very little knowledge of the physical world around us. Most of our ‘knowledge’ comes from our environment, our caregivers and our connections. Some have argued that a child learns more about the physical world in their first five years than during the rest of their lives.

As the child grows older, and they engage more with the world, by say, going to school, they are given even more ‘knowledge’. They are expected to learn about stuff and acquire skills that are supposed to help them function in the world. And this phase can last anywhere from twelve (high school) to sixteen (college) or even more (graduate school) years.

When the child’s education is ‘complete’ (is it ever complete?) they are sent into the world of ‘work’ – which may consist of a ‘job’ or ‘business’. Then they move to the next stage of life, and so on. This reminds me of a quote:

The fruits of the tree of knowledge are various; one must be strong indeed who can digest all of them – Mary Coleridge (1861-1907)

In all these stage of life, the ‘knowledge’ that affects our spirit or our non-material self also needs to be addressed. Some may call this knowledge ‘intuition’ or ‘core principles’ or ‘values’ with which we lead our lives, regardless of the ‘stage’ of life that we may be in.

But where does this knowledge come from? Can this knowledge for spiritual growth be acquired or shared? Is this knowledge the same as truth? Is knowledge even necessary for spiritual growth? Or is a spirit of action enough to move you forward?

I invite you to come and share with the #SpiritChat community on Sunday January 8th at 9am ET/2pm GMT ~ What does ‘spirit of knowledge’ mean to you? As always, I appreciate your spirit of sharing with the community.

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Kumud @Ajmanik

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