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The #Spiritchat theme in March centered around the subject of renewal – as the seasons change, and nature changes its course, our outside environment prompts us to pause and renew on the inside. We discussed the subjects of Awareness of the Spirit in the first week of March. The act of awareness requires observation, slowing down, being in the moment – and this can give us clues to the changes we need to make to move us forward on our spiritual journey.

“Believe in the unsaid, for the silence of men is nearer the truth than their words.” – Kahlil Gibran

The second week of March was about Energizing the Spirit for Growth. We examined the various aspects of energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The connections between the various forms of our own energy, and how our energy affects those around us were explored. We also discussed how to be aware of energy barriers and how to do our best to maintain an even energy balance from day to day. The subject of energy transfer – from one form of energy to another – invited a lot of great tweets.

“Everything flows. Nothing stays still.” – Heraclitus

Our Spiritual Beliefs – this was the topic for the third week of March. Our tweetchat discussion looked at our core beliefs and where these beliefs may come from. We also talked about how to examine our beliefs and how to decide which beliefs to keep and which to discard. Of course, any discussion about belief cannot omit the connection between belief and faith, and the influencers of our beliefs and faith.

“Seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand.” – St Augustine

So, how do we tie awareness, energy and belief to renewal and spiritual growth. We have scratched the surface of these three topics in March and created a lot of healthy discussion. However, I am sure the discussions have raised as many questions as they have answered. So, as has become tradition, we pause on the final Sunday of March and review the topics from the month and look forward to the next month.

I invite you to join us in our weekly #SpiritChat to review our March topics. How are we going to use the discussion of Awareness, Energy and Belief – learned in March – forward into April? Did you take any special steps towards increasing Awareness and Mindfulness? Did you find more time to focus on personal energy management? Have you re-examined some beliefs lately? And, looking forward – how can April continue to be a month of spiritual growth for you?

Join us – tweet with hashtag #SpiritChat. Sunday March 25th, 9am ET / 1pm GMT / 6:30pm IST. (You may also join on the web at SpiritChat on tweetchat.com)

Be Aware. Conserve Energy. Embrace Faith.

Host – Weekly #SpiritChat

Is there a question you would like to be addressed during this Sunday’s chat or do you have a topic suggestion for future chats? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

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Update: Transcript from the live chat is at http://bit.ly/sc-tr-0325