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It was Thursday evening already and I still did not have a clear idea of what the topic was going to be for SpiritChat on the coming Sunday. Of course, in any given week, there are so many topics floating around in my head that I could have just picked one and it would probably be fine.

Except, the upcoming Sunday was no ordinary Sunday. In my mind Easter Sunday is perhaps the most venerated day in North America – yes, perhaps even more than Christmas itself. It is a day where families get together – not necessarily to observe the ritual of exchanging gifts and sharing a meal – but perhaps for the purity of purpose of spending time together.

So, I was in two minds – should I even go forward with hosting #SpiritChat – or should I mark this day with the respect that it deserves because it is venerated by so many. After all, what is the relevance of a mere few tweets in a figment of time as compared to a holiday that celebrates life, renewal and reflection with great spiritual import. A brief exchange with my good friend and sounding board on twitter, @MartinaMcGowan confirmed what my heart was already telling me.

Forego the scheduled chat on Sunday morning. Give the holiday the respect it deserves and take a pause – for #SpiritChat has always believed in slowing down to speed up. So, I decided to take a pause on April 8th for Easter Sunday. The battle between the head and the heart was easily won by the heart.

But, wait a minute, Kumud. You aren’t a Christian. So why do you care about Easter? Yes, you are right. I may not be a Christian by religion – but #SpiritChat is not about religion. It is about matters of the heart and spirit. And I believe that the heart and spirit of Easter is about faith, family, love, light, renewal, hope and remembrance.

And, no matter my religious beliefs – all those things are worth pausing for.


P.S. We will meet back in #SpiritChat on April 15th at 9am ET. I hope you will join the community in sharing. Until then, be well 🙂 In the meanwhile, maybe you can share in the comments – what does the spirit of Easter mean to you?