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The month of May began with a discussion about courage. This was a topic that seemed to bring out a lot of diverse views on the nature of courage, its relationship to fear, our sources of courage and role-models of courage for us. The take-away question for this chat was

What is one thing you would do in the near future if you could gather enough courage?

So, now that we have had a few weeks to think about it – do you feel any different about courage? If you were present for that live tweetchat, or you read the transcript later – did it give you more courage to attempt a particular task that you had been putting off?

The second chat of the month of May was a difficult chat for some – the topic was about Mothers and spiritual caregivers. I learnt during the chat that there are a lot of folks out there who feel a wide range of emotions about the topic of Mothers. Some did not have any motherly figures growing up, but they are making great efforts to be good mothering figures themselves. Some have made peace with their relationship with their mothers and some are still struggling with it.

Yes, it was a tough chat – but examining tough topics can only make us grow spiritually. For they perhaps connect us with issues that may have been buried or neglected over the years. The take-away or final question for this chat was

What would you say to your mother (or those you mother) – that you haven’t said before?

The third week of May was a discussion about truth. A few folks interpreted it as a chat about Truth (with a capital T). We discussed the importance of being truthful, where we get our truths, the idea of universal truths and some ways in which truth can be communicated. This was another interesting and open discussion because a lot of different facets and interpretations of truth and Truth were shared by the participants. The takeaway question for this chat was

What truths will you put into practice in the near future to serve others?

So, to summarize the month of May – we talked about courage, mothers and truth. Three topics that have inspired many essays and books over the years, and have a lot of connection(s) to each other. For example, what is the connection between courage and truth? What did your mother (or you as a mother or caregiver) teach you about courage? Or truth? And so on.

The more reliable the word, the more secure and fruitful the communication.

Come join us in #SpiritChat on Sunday May 27th 2012 at our regular time of 9am ET/1pm GMT as we discuss the connection between these three topics. We will also talk about June and what spiritual adventures it may bring our way 🙂 What else can we discuss? Share with us in the comments below. Thank you!


Update: Here is the html transcript http://bit.ly/sc-tr-0527 and questions – thank you to all who shared in the discussion on courage, mothers and truth! (Here is an alternate pdf link for the transcript). Some stats – 5M+ impressions reaching 500K+ followers through 1100+ tweets and 110+ contributors. Thank you all!

Q1. What is the connection between courage and truth? #SpiritChat 

Q2. How do we know if our connection between courage and truth is broken? How do we fix it? #SpiritChat 

Q3. What kind of courage do we need for service to others? For sacrifice? #SpiritChat 

Q4. Did your #mother figures model truth and/or courage? If yes, how did they model it? #SpiritChat 

Q5. If you were allowed to hold onto only one #truth after today, what would you choose? #SpiritChat 

Q6. How do we honor the memory of those who acted with #courage to serve us? #SpiritChat 

Q7. Takeaway. What is one thing you will take forward from our May discussions - to grow spiritually in June? #SpiritChat