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We all want some degree of prosperity in different areas of our lives in order to feel successful and feel good about our accomplishments in life. The idea of prosperity often brings into focus our economic or financial status, our relationship with money, and our material needs. As we strive to prosper in our financial lives, we can often become neglectful about prospering in the areas of health, family and community, spirituality, and our overall happiness. Which of the afore-mentioned area(s) of life would you like to thrive in – to make you feel truly prosperous?

Prosperity is the best protector of principle – Mark Twain

Some cultures connect prosperity to individual achievement. This is perhaps more true in the West (although the East is catching-on fast), where individual excellence and accomplishment are highly prized and praised. On the other hand, other cultures (for example, Buddhism) connect prosperity with the accomplishments of the collective. If the community prospers, then the individual is considered to be prosperous. Which idea of prosperity do you connect with more – the individual or the collective?

I have been reading a wonderful book by Shakti Gawain titled – Creating True Prosperity. The author encourages us to explore our idea of prosperity, and re-examine the connection between material success, the traditional spiritual viewpoint and New Age thoughts on prosperity. I believe that the key word is “true”. We all tend to have our own definitions of truth, and our value systems often play a large part in what we believe to be true. The same is also true of our definition of “true” prosperity – what is yours?

As we live our daily lives and devote our energies to what we do, in our professions and avocations, it may benefit us to take a pause. A pause to reflect on the prosperity (or lack of it) in our lives, and the lives of those we engage and interact with every day. How are our thoughts, words and actions affecting our prosperity? Or the prosperity of others? Is there such a thing as too much prosperity? What is the connecctio between adversity and prosperity? How can we have a sense of accomplishment, of prosperity in our spiritual lives?

I invite you to join me and the broader #SpiritChat community to discuss some of these questions on prosperity in our live tweetchat on Sunday, July 8th at 9am ET / 2pm UK / 6:30pm IST.

As always, I wish you the best of true prosperity in your journeys…


I welcome you to share your thoughts on prosperity in the comments. Thank you!

Update: Here are the questions that were asked during the live chat on Sunday July 8th from 9-10am ET. SpiritChat Transcript on Prosperity and condensed, downloadable pdf version  (note that all time-stamps in transcripts are ET +4 i.e. GMT) – Enjoy!

Q1. What does the word prosperity mean to you? Has it changed over time?

Q2. How can the seeming opposites of outer (material) and inner 
(spiritual) prosperity be reconciled?

Q3. How would you define the state of "spiritual prosperity"? 

Q4. What are the challenges for us on our journey to spiritual 

Q5. What is the connection between prosperity and service 
to others?

Q6. How is individual spiritual prosperity connected to that of 
society? What is your focus?

Final Q7. What is your measure of true prosperity? How are you 
working towards it?