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We kicked off our second year of weekly discussions in SpiritChat in the month of August as we discussed the spirit of equanimity – what it means to us, how we practice it, the connection between equanimity and inner peace, and more. One thread that emerged from this discussion was that the continual development of equanimity is an important part of spiritual progress, and goes beyond mental calmness. The takeaway (reflection) question from this week was:

What practical steps can we take to strengthen our equanimity in the coming week?

The second topic for August was the simplicity and the spirit. This topic addressed the importance of us developing an attitude of voluntary simplicity and an exploration of how that influences our spiritual growth. The major thread that emerged from this discussion was that voluntary simplicity requires concrete action, and that simple action steps can put us on the path towards greater simplicity. Our takeaway question from this discussion was:

What action steps will you take towards greater simplicity in the future?

The third Sunday of August was a discussion about our spiritual journey, our spiritual path in life. This topic brought out some interesting perspectives in that some folks believed that the path emerges as we move forward, while others stated that a firm foundation and guidelines which define the path are necessary before we undertake the journey. What do you think? Here was the takeaway question from this topic:

What area of your spiritual journey needs the most work? How will you work it?

So, that brings us to the final Sunday in August – as has become our tradition, the final Sunday of the month is when we look back at the month’s discussions, weave them together, and lay the ground-work to look forward to the month to come. Is there a connection between equanimity, simplicity and the spiritual journey we all are undertaking? Well, of course there is! But what are the specifics of this connection? What can we learn from it and how can this connection help us as we move forward on the journey?

I invite you to join us in SpiritChat on Sunday, August 26th at 9am ET / 1pm GMT / 2pm UK / 6:30pm IST to reflect on the month of August and plan for the month of September.

May our journeys be peaceful as we embrace equanimity and simplicity.


P.S. I invite you to send me your questions or add them in the comments below – I would love to include them in future conversations. Thank you!

Update: Here is the – link to the transcript for Sunday Aug 26th chat. The questions (as they evolved during the chat) are listed below:

Ready? Q1. Why is equanimity important to our spiritual life? Or is it? #SpiritChat

Q2. What are some sources that increase/decrease your equanimity? #SpiritChat  

Q3. What is the relationship between equanimity and simplicity? #SpiritChat 

Q4. Did you take any steps towards more simplicity recently? In what way? #SpiritChat 

Q5. How do simplicity and/or equanimity fuel your spiritual journey? #SpiritChat

Q6. Describe your spiritual path in seven words. #SpiritChat 

Q7. What area of your path are you planning to focus on more in September? How? #SpiritChat