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The conversations in our weekly #SpiritChat in the month of October have focused on three topics – our spiritual inheritance (what we receive), defining our purpose and our legacy (what we leave behind). If you wish to catch up, the transcripts for the conversations and the questions asked during the live chat are all available at the individual links or via our archive.

In response to our chat titled “On Purpose and the Spirit”, one of my good friends Geraldine Bown left a very detailed comment on the blog page for the chat. She speaks about her struggle as she tries to choose her purpose. Part of her comment is below…

I was asked if I felt I had missed the boat (of fulfilling my purpose in this life). I said – no – I’m just worried I might get on the wrong boat. So, for now, I wait and cultivate patience and notice what comes across my vision to see if it resonates

So, we talked about inheritance, and then about purpose, and how, if we follow our purpose, we can perhaps leave a worthwhile legacy. However, Geraldine’s comment made me contemplate – what if we have multiple choices (which we often do) to determine our purpose? How do we choose? What determines our everyday choices? How do we choose our actions that may affect us, and those we influence, in the medium and long term? Are we simply making choices on what makes us (and those around us) feel good? How do our choices affect our spiritual life? What happens if we decide not to choose?

Some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over, remembering them for the rest of our lives. -Richard Bach

It is perhaps in our daily choices that we can manifest our purpose, make the best use of our spiritual inheritance and create a long-lasting impact, or, if you choose to call it so, a legacy. I invite you to join the #SpiritChat community on Sunday October 28th at 9am ET / 2pm UK / 6:30 India as we examine the subject of choices – and how they affect our purpose going forward into November.

Be well. Make some worthwhile choices.


Update: Here is the pdf version of the chat transcript for download. Also see the questions asked during the live chat on our topic of Choices, Purpose and Legacy. Enjoy!

Q1. "We are the sum total of our choices." Agree or disagree? Why or why not? #SpiritChat 

Q2. Think of a tough choice you have made recently. What guiding factor(s) helped you? #SpiritChat 

Q3. How do our choices affect us as we (try to) define and live our purpose? #SpiritChat 

Q4. What are some consequences of delaying/refusing to make choices? #SpiritChat

Q5. How can we ensure that our choices withstand life's storms? Or can we? #SpiritChat 

Q6. How does your spiritual side impact your ability to make life choices? #SpiritChat

Q7. How do our choices affect or reflect our purpose? Our legacy?  #SpiritChat 

Q8. Design your mantra for November. I choose to.... ? #SpiritChat