The month of November has been a month of healing in our #SpiritChat conversations. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy (which affected large portions of the US East Coast states), our first Sunday of November discussed Renewal with Community Spirit.. A lot of the conversation focused on how, when we strengthen the bonds of community, we can renew each other. It is true of online communities as well as offline ones.

We were fortunate to have healing coach Jennifer Alhasa share with us on the topic of healing from the inside out in the second week of November. Jennifer’s experience with cancer and the lessons she learnt as she healed herself provided great insights into the process of healing. One thing that became clear during this chat was that there are many, many aspects to healing – so, we will revisit some other aspects of this topic in coming months.

The third Sunday of November (Nov 18th) fell on the cusp of the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA (Nov 22nd). This is a holiday on which families travel great distances to spend time together, share what is a traditionally huge meal, and later laugh and complain (light-heartedly) about how much excess eating they indulged in. It is a great reminder of the role of family, togetherness, and gratitude in our lives. And those are indeed great ingredients for healing on many levels…

It is an ironic sign of the times that the peaceful holiday of Thanksgiving is followed by “Black” Friday – a day which is perhaps the antithesis of healing – unless, of course, you are a retailer whose cash registers ring all day on the Friday after Thanksgiving and heal your balance sheet! And so it goes. The holiday season officially kicks off, and away we go – seemingly swept along in the spirit of the holidays, and all that it brings.

Perhaps, before we step into December, we can pause and examine all we have learnt in November – about renewal, about healing, and about gratitude. Is there a piece of the healing puzzle that is missing? I believe so. Perhaps the missing piece is finding time to heal. How do we find time, in all our doing, to pause and engage in being (in the moment)? With all the pressures that society (or we ourselves) put upon us to engage in doing, to perform, to set goals, to reach higher – are we fighting a losing battle to engage in being? What kind of activity or activities (ah, the irony) involves just being?

I invite you to join the #SpiritChat community on Sunday November 25th at 9am ET / 7:30 India as we examine the subject of doing and being– and how we can balance the two, going into December.

Be well. Just Be.