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It has been a good year of conversation in #SpiritChat as we have explored many topics (see the archive for a quick overview) and have held the virtual hands of our twitter friends in friendship every Sunday. I think you may agree – we have played our little part in “transforming the spirit with conversations in social media”. As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves in the season which heralds a spirit of Greetings, of Celebration, of Joy, and of Peace.

And then, sometimes, even in the midst of all our focus on Joy and Celebration, some unthinkable event happens. The news trickles in, and then becomes a flood for a while, as we are inundated with images and analysis of the said event. We go into various states of shock, anger, outrage, and perhaps even resignation. We find ourselves searching for answers. Why did this happen? Could this have been prevented? What can we do? How can we help?

In the midst of all these questions, we look for signs of peace without, and try and tap into our peace within. The signs of peace without give us solace, that, yes, there are some things that are still right with this world. That there are good people, who will do whatever it takes, to help those in need, with no personal regard of their own physical safety. They become our heroes who inspire us, and if we focus on their courage and their example, our spirit draw a little bit of strength.

This strength enables us to overcome, to begin the process of healing our emotions, overcome our fears. We all know that living in fear is not an option. For the spirit does not know fear. Some say that fear comes from our interpretation of external events, and we have to banish it if we have to tap into our source of true peace – that which lies within.

And so it goes. We resolve that we will overcome. We resolve that we will not let those who try and instill fear in us rob us of our true strength – our ability to find peace without, and channel it to grow our peace within. We resolve that we will use our true strength to heal the hearts, bodies, minds and spirits of those who need us to share our peace with them – so that they can take a little bit of our strength and find their own peace.

Yes. I was planning to have a conversation this Sunday in #SpiritChat about Peace, in the context of Joy and celebration. Even though the context may have changed, the conversation will still go on. Our motto is to connect, converse, create, inspire and transform. And it all begins with connection. I invite you. Come and share your peace with us. I assure you. It will bring a little bit of healing and a little bit of Joy to someone who needs it.

For that is what the human spirit which suffuses a community is about, isn’t it? Sharing our trials, our joys, our victories, our defeats, and yes – our peaceful heart and spirit.

I hope you will join us Sunday, December 16th at 9am ET in #SpiritChat.

Namaste. Be well. Peace to you.


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Update: Here is the html/web Transcript for the chat, with links for responding on twitter, RTing etc. Here is the pdf version for download. Here are the questions asked on the topic of #peace in #SpiritChat on Sunday December 16th at 9am ET. Just seven questions today. The eighth question was dedicated to silence. Thank you to all who shared…

So, here we go. Q1. A return to a peaceful heart and spirit. What do we return from...? #SpiritChat

Q2. "Peace is a state of mind." Agree or Disagree? Why? #SpiritChat

Q3. Is it possible to seek, renew peace from without? If yes, how? #SpiritChat

Q4. How do we reconnect with, return to our state of peace within? #SpiritChat 

Q5. What can we do to bring peace to those in their hours of need? #SpiritChat

Q6. Joy and celebration. How do we use them in turbulent times to return us to peace? #SpiritChat

Final Q7. We can return to peace in our heart and spirit, help them do the same by... #SpiritChat