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The dawn of a new year in the calendar seems to provide a lot of us with new hope, and an opportunity to make changes in our lives. It seems to spur people to action – to make resolutions, to set goals, to make plans. Some of us ‘resolve’ to make changes in our lives. To discard what didn’t seem to work in the past year. To incorporate new ‘action’ steps which will lead us closer to our new goals.

So, with all the new energy that comes with the new calendar year, some of us still have challenges in performing our ‘action’ steps. Some attribute this lack of action to ‘distraction. Or a lack of goals. Or a lack of a plan. Some may even attribute it to fear. The apparent cures are to refocus, to get better at goal-setting, or to get better at making plans. Just do it, we tell ourselves, because action overcomes fear.

Another aspect of action is the nature of ‘correct’ action. In the context of our daily lives and our work, what are these ‘correct’ actions? How can we distinguish the ‘correct’ from ‘incorrect’? Is all ‘correct’ action, in essence, based on spiritual principles and beliefs? Some may argue that abstention from action can resolve this debate. However, physical abstention from activity is not possible because:

“While life remains, action is unavoidable. Living is an act, thinking is an act – and these acts cause many effects.”

So, while we make our resolutions and plans and goals for our personal, home, work or business life, do we need to be mindful of our action steps for spiritual growth? What is it that we really need to change in our lives in order to create on-going, continual growth that is not tied to a date on the calendar?

I invite you to come and share with the #SpiritChat community on Sunday January 6th at 9am ET/2pm GMT ~ What does ‘spirit-based action’ mean to you?

As always, I appreciate your spirit of sharing with the community. Thank you. Happy New Year!


Update: Here is the html/web Transcript for the chat, with links for responding on twitter, RTing etc. Shortened transcripts for Qs 1 to 4 and for Qs 4 to 8 are also available. Here are the questions asked on the topic of Spirit-based action in #SpiritChat on Sunday January 6th at 9am ET. Thank you to all who shared their wisdom. For the archive, 1,489 tweets generated 19M+ impressions, reaching an audience of 1.1M+ followers.

Q1. Spirit-based action. What does that phrase mean to you? #SpiritChat 

Q2. What prevents us from taking 'spirit-based' action? How do we overcome them? #SpiritChat

Q3. Physics says every action has an equal and opposite reaction? What does your spirit say?  #SpiritChat 

Q4. Do you have a personal criteria for 'correct' action? What is it based on? #SpiritChat

Q5. Goals need plans. Plans need action. What sustains action? #SpiritChat 

Q6. What daily action steps do you take to energize spiritually? Please share. #SpiritChat

Q7. Who/What will inspire you to take spirit-inspired action this year? #SpiritChat 

Final Q8. Time to share your site/project/mission. My actions in 2013 will grow...  #SpiritChat