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The first three Sundays of the first month of the new year have taken us on three separate but related journeys in our weekly #SpiritChat twitter chats. We kicked off the year with a call to action – not just action for action sake, but Spirit-based action, or action that is inspired by and flows from our inner core. A few of us made an affirmation which began with the phrase “My actions in 2013 will grow…” – do you remember yours? Would you like to make a new one?

The second Sunday of January in #SpiritChat was a journey towards evolution, involution, and a little bit of revolution. We made an attempt to connect spirit-based action with evolution and involution – but there is more work to be done. The subject of spiritual integrity brought a lot of energy to our weekly discussions on the third Sunday. One question that was left unasked (due to lack of time) was –

If integrity means wholeness, then what is this wholeness that we seek? How can we seek it?

This unasked question brings us to the topic for the final week of the month. We will take a brief journey in to the nature of this wholeness, into the nature of the Self. Let us use “the Self” in the context of a power, greater than us, which infuses all of life. So, having set the context, we can ask – What is the true nature of the Self? What is its connection to our ego? How do we discover the nature of the Self? Can it be discovered through thought? Or, perhaps, the more fundamental question. WHY? Why do we need to know the Self?

Finally, in order to establish a (perhaps tenuous) connection between all our January connections, I leave ou with this proposition – Our spirit-based actions, our evolution (greater growth), our involution (going within) and our journey to a greater integrity (wholeness) – are all of these, in essence, different paths to discovery of the Self?

“Take the great bow of the sacred scriptures, place on it the arrow of devotion. Then draw the bowstring of meditation, and aim at the target – the Self.” – Upanishad

I invite you to join us in #SpiritChat on Sunday January 27th at 9amET to discuss some of these questions, and begin (or continue) a journey to explore the nature of the Self. If you are new to #SpiritChat, please see our FAQ on how to participate in the chat. Thank you!


Update:Here are the filtered transcripts for Qs 1 to 8 only. I am also experimenting with a transcript version with no RTs ~ just the answers – Enjoy! Thank you to all who shared!

Here are the questions asked during the live chat. Each question has a link, which will allow you to view the original question, and RT/reply to it on twitter. Please add #SpiritChat to your response if you want the community to see your answer. Thank you!

Here we go. Q1. What does “the nature of our true Self”, mean to you? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q1 on twitter

Q2. WHY do we need to discover the true nature of our Self, our spiritual core? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q2 on twitter

Q3. Are we afraid to try and discover our true Self? Reveal our true Self to others? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q3 on twitter

Q4. What is the relationship between our ego and our true Self? Close siblings? Cousins? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q4 on twitter

Q5. In this search for our Self, we may end up evading “real-world” responsibility. Agree/Disagree? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q5 on twitter

Q6. Is knowledge of the Self, our spiritual core, related to our self-esteem? How? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q6 on twitter

Q7. What steps are needed for us to discover our true Self? Action? Introspection? Or… #SpiritChat View and respond to Q7 on twitter

Final. Q8. What is the next step in our spiritual growth, once we know the nature of our Self? #SpiritChat View and respond to Q8 on twitter