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Spiritchat Guest post by Marjory Mejia

There is an air of renewal and regeneration in the air, a fiesta of sorts in the inner workings of life. Spring signals rebirth, new growth, life force awakening with a sense of enthusiasm, curiosity and adventure. Are you feeling it?

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We might feel the calling to tune in with nature and feel part of the natural landscape of life renewing herself. So, how do we get ready to align with springtime and welcome nature’s wake up call?

One way to prepare for new growth is to get our spaces ready, after all, they are the stage sets for the unfolding of our life, sacred mirrors that reflect our evolving souls.

We can bring our attention to the spaces we inhabit and gently prepare them by letting go on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We release from a place of trust and love and a sense of sufficiency. We let go and purge so we can make space for new life ready to burst open and flow. Thus, we engage in a more sustainable lifestyle, a way of living that keeps the flow of nature going.

“Breathing in, I see myself as space. Breathing out, I feel free.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

What to let go? This will vary from person to person. But there are some thoughts, beliefs, patterns that we can begin to release on a collective level for the healing of our local and global community.

Rebirth as a manifestation of the sacred

As conscious co-creators, we find ourselves awakening to deeper currents of voice, song, and purpose. We notice new life emerging from the depths of our being and nurture this new life with reverence. Perhaps it isn’t new; perhaps it is ancient life force awakening, growing with the new found confidence of a river that finds joy in the free unfolding of its path.

Here are some potential questions for us to reflect upon

  • What does spring symbolize and signal in your body, mind, and spirit?
  • What comes up when you prepare your space for new life?
  • How can letting go be a helpful practice as we prepare for spring?
  • Can letting go help us reveal the sacred? in what ways?
  • … and more …

Marjory Mejia


I dream of a world, awakened, connected, inspired. A world, revolutionized—by meaningful spaces that deepen and elevate our sense of what is truly beautiful and possible, in this life. Here’s to poetry, consciousness and love ~ Marjory Mejia


Marjory is an architect, writer and artist passionate about awakening a sense of sacredness and flow in the spaces, hearts, and lives of her clients & community.When she is not revolutionizing spaces and hearts with one-on-one sessions, she is exploring the poetics of feminine space in her free writings and creating healing mandalas that send ripples of joy into the world. Subscribe to her digital sanctuary & get a beautiful spirit-lifting gift. You can read more about her work at awakening sacred flow.

I invite you to join our discussion of “Letting Go – Making Space for the Sacred” with special guest Marjory Mejia. Please join us and the #SpiritChat community on Sunday, February 24th at 9am ET/2pm GMT on twitter. – Kumud