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The first weekend of March brings us that much closer to spring (in the Northern hemisphere anyway :)) and we see signs of letting go to make change and growth – outwardly and inwardly. We discussed some ideas on Letting Go and Making Space for the Sacred in our live chat last week with special guest Marjory Mejia. One of the threads that emerged from that discussion was – what is truly Sacred to us, and how do we connect with the Sacred to define spiritual success for ourselves.

Just like “Sacred” means different things to different people, the concept of “Success” also means different things at different times in our lives. For a seven year old, it may mean simply being a good host when her best friend comes over for a play-date. Or doing her best to prepare for the school science fair. Or solving the mystery puzzle on her favorite TV show. You get the idea. Success to the seven year old means doing the (seemingly) little things in life well.

Is the idea of Success that much different for adults? Perhaps it is, when we look at it from our perspective of greater assumed responsibility. We have our jobs or businesses to attend to. We have friends and family to engage with, take care of. We want to play a role in our communities so we can serve, give back, make an impact. And we can keep adding as many more layers to our lives, and each layer we add may create a desire for being successful in that layer.

So, as we add complexity to our lives, we eventually discover that we need some common foundation, some common criterion for Success which will weave all these complex layers together. That common thread can simplify our lives, so that as we let go and change and make space for the sacred at one layer, all the other layers get affected positively, create success for us. This common thread of Success is something we intuitively know about, but sometimes we forget about it because of our “busy"ness.

What does true success mean to you? How do our material desires impact our success in different areas of our lives? How would you define the idea of spiritual success? Do you often think about success, or do you focus more on taking action and letting success take care of itself? Do you find yourself planning your path to success, or are you more of a "go with the flow” type of individual? Is success for you tied to a sense of accomplishment or purpose, or is it more than that?

Come share with us. Tell us what success means to you. Find out what it means to others. I invite you to join us in our live, weekly chat on twitter with hashtag #SpiritChat at 9amET / 2pmGMT on Sunday March 3rd. Please note that our backup hashtag with be #SpiritChat140 (we will switch to it if necessary to avoid spam during the chat).

Thank you, and may success find you wherever you turn,