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Last year, around this time of the year, #SpiritChat paused on Sunday April 8th. The occasion was the Easter holiday weekend ~ an occasion for family get-togethers and travel. I invite you to read that post and return here. I had explained the reasons for the pause in our weekly chat, and why I thought it was important for us to focus on the Holiday. Of course, I am reminded that this year, many also celebrate Passover on this weekend. And I am sure there are many other celebrations in many regions and cultures around the world which mark this family weekend.

This year, in 2013, Sunday March 31st also happens to be the fifth Sunday of the month. So, we have already had our fair share of #SpiritChats this month, haven’t we?! If you have missed any of them, please go through the archive and enjoy the questions and transcripts. If you are relatively new to #SpiritChat, make a few new friends ~ if you are a #SpiritChat “veteran”, you know that we love to pause, reflect, recharge, renew and come back with gusto.

And we will do just that. As a matter of fact, Sunday April 7th, I will probably still be traveling back from vacation, and hope to be back on land 🙂 So, I am not sure who will be hosting the chat April 7th, or in what format it will be. Perhaps, folks of the #SpiritChat community will step up and make it happen ~ with or without me asking the questions. To paraphrase my good friend @waynemcevilly ~ “maybe it’s a good opportunity to see what the folks will do in your absence”. Intriguing, isn’t it?! (see update below!)

So, to sum up. We pause March 30th. And as we all pause, let us ask ourselves – Is our spiritual practice commensurate with the change that we seek within? Who will you invite into your heart and home as a sign of renewal? Who will you forgive? Who will you re-connect with? Yes. I couldn’t resist leaving you with a few questions to ponder. For I shall be pondering the same. Pauses help us ponder.

Update: We resume April 7th with the wonderful @EmeliaSam taking charge of #SpiritChat ~ the topic will be “Spontaneity”. Emelia has been a part of the #SpiritChat community almost since its inception. All of you will have a wonderful time with her! Her twitter bio reads: “Author.Educator.Doctor.Speaker.Change Agent. You deserve a life that you love. I’ll help you build one. #360SOUL” Thank you, Emelia, for agreeing to step up to host the chat at short notice. Very grateful!

Thank you for reading. I wish you all great spiritual renewal over the next two weeks. Be well.