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As April draws to a close, and I reflect back on the conversations within the #SpiritChat community – we have grown through spontaneity, paused in patience, and healed through perseverance. A lot of folks have shared their thoughts and concerns, and whether they realize it or not, they have serendipitously helped even those who may just be watching silently. I thank each and every one of you who takes time to share in our weekly community hour on Sundays at 9am ET. Your sharing has become an essential part of many folks’ lives, and I am indeed humbled that I have the privilege to host and ask questions.

In some of the past months, we have utilized the final Sunday of the month to pause, reflect and summarize the conversations that we may have had during the month. In that vein, I am proposing to start a monthly conversation on “Practical Spirituality” on the final Sunday of every month. This is not to say that our regular conversations are in some sense Impractical (at least I hope that they aren’t). However, these month-end chats will help us to perhaps focus on sharing practical techniques, resources and conversations that may have had a significant impact on us during recent weeks or months.

We will kickoff this “Practical Spirituality” segment with two subjects – compassion (suggested by Leslie Carothers, @tkpleslie and Janet Nestor, @janetnestorlistening. They are very closely related – ergo, “compassionate listening” comes to mind. So, what is so special about compassion? This word comes up many times during #SpiritChat – we have even had an entire chat dedicated to compassion.

This week, we will focus on Practical Compassion and how we can incorporate it, consciously and subconsciously into our daily lives. Compassion for self via self-care, for others via empathy and giving, are but two examples. How has your compassing quotient (ratio of giving to receiving) been lately? The second, and equally important topic is listening – a fundamental trait that we can all be working to improve on. How do we become better listeners – not just with our ears, but with our hearts, minds and our whole beings? Does our current lifestyle encourage more of listening or more of talking? How has your listening quotient (ratio of listening to speaking) been lately?

I invite all of you who have read this far to join us on Sunday April 28th at our regular time of 9amET in our weekly #SpiritChat discussion on twitter. I look forward to all your smiling faces in the twitter stream as we share and listen with compassion. Come prepared to share some of your favorite quotes, books, people and websites. Sharing is caring!