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What is perfection? On the face of it, this question need not be answered at all. We all may have different ideas of what “perfection” consists of. Some of us may consider it to be a “state of flawlessness” while others may think of it as a process by which we may be improving or refining something, to get to that state (of perfection). The word perfection itself comes from the Latin perficere ~ to complete. So, we may consider something or someone to be in a state of perfection when they are complete, or, say, whole.

The state of being complete or whole has significance when viewed from a spiritual perspective. Some believe that we are inherently whole, complete perfect – and our imperfections are simply a matter of perception. The perception of others, and in many cases, our own perception of ourselves, makes it seem that we are imperfect. Once this perception takes root in our mind, we then begin the journey of returning to that state of perfection. For a lot of folks, this takes the name of “self-improvement” or “self-betterment”, as the gears of continuous refinement start to turn…

In some cases, and for some people, the pursuit of perfection can be, or become, a heavy burden. They may have grown up in, or currently may be in environments (at home, school, or their professions) where they have to deal with the “perfectionist” personality. The parent, spouse, teacher, friend, colleague, or boss who may not demand perfection, but expects it from you. How do you deal with the weight of this expectation? Or are you in such a (spiritually advanced) state where you do not feel this weight at all?

Perfection can perhaps be a “kindler, gentler” attribute, if it is viewed as an “ideal” state ~ a state in which our spirit feels that peace which surpasses all understanding. We have all felt that state from time to time, and the memory of that state creates a longing to return to that “perfect” state as often as possible. However, this longing, or desire, can create a tension in our spirit ~ a tension that can make us stronger, as we do the work needed to be in the state of “inner peace” as frequently as possible.

For those of you who have been with our weekly conversations on Sunday mornings for a while, you know that #SpiritChat is far from perfect 🙂 Every week, we gather with the hope and expectation that we will learn something more, something different about ourselves, and that this learning will move us forward on our path. I invite you to join me and the wonderful #SpiritChat community on Sunday June 2nd at 9am ET, as we continue this journey – imperfect as it is…

Until then, be well. Namaste.


P.S. I was going to write about what would happen if we were to somehow reach a state of perfection – where no more refinement is needed, or possible. Think entropy. But I will save that thought for one of the questions during the chat…