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We continue our “Guest Series” for our weekly Sunday morning #SpiritChat conversations with guest host Joanne Guidoccio. Joanne encourages people to look to ‘second acts’ in life as a blessing, an opportunity to begin anew, as a road to reinvention! We will explore this topic from a spiritual perspective in our weekly #SpiritChat conversation on Sunday, August 25th at 9am ET on twitter. Please join us, and enjoy this post by Joanne. Thank you!

Not everyone understands or wants to understand second acts. Many of my former colleagues, especially those on the cusp of retirement,  smile politely and move on to safer topics. Younger friends and relatives frown and ask for clarification. Artists, musicians and other creatives prefer to talk about leaving a footprint, sailing beyond the sea of troubles, or discovering new oceans. But to me, the concept of a second act makes more sense. In a play, that’s where the story really takes off and the characters work hard to resolve their conflicts.

A second act is not a “start over from scratch” situation where we erase all the mistakes and lessons of our past. People who continually attempt to relive that first act usually make the same mistakes, encounter frustration and actually make things worse. Unfortunately, we have too many examples of public falls from grace that are continually replicated.

Instead, we should keep in mind William Shakespeare’s advice—What’s past is prologue—and work hard to transform our first act lessons into second act blessings.


For 31 years, Joanne Guidoccio taught mathematics, computer science, business and co-operative education courses in secondary schools throughout Ontario. In 2008, she took advantage of early retirement. Slowly, a writing practice emerged and her articles and book reviews started appearing in newspapers, magazines and online. Her debut novel, Between Land and Sea, a paranormal romance about a middle-aged mermaid, will be released by Soul Mate Publishing in September 2013.

Website:   www.joanneguidoccio.com 

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/joanneguidoccio

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/BetweenLandandSeaJG

Pinterest:   http://pinterest.com/jguidoccio/        

Update: Here are the questions asked during the chat. Enjoy, and feel free to answer in the comments… The full transcript and statistics are available at http://bit.ly/sc-tr-0825 . A searchable pdf transcript of the Q and A is also available. Thank you for sharing!

Q1. Visualize a “second act” in your life path. What comes to mind? #SpiritChat

Q2. What are some of the blessings from your ‘first act’ in life? #SpiritChat

Q3. What lessons from our ‘first act’ could help you in your #reinvention? #SpiritChat

Q4. Is reinvention necessary on the spiritual path? Why or why not? #SpiritChat

Q5. How can we remain authentic as we reinvent ourselves, prepare for a ‘second’ act? #SpiritChat

Q6. Imagine and share some possible ‘second’ act, #reinvention blessings… #SpiritChat

Q7. Who are some role models that inspire you towards a spectacular ‘second act’? #SpiritChat

Q8. What is the connection between trust, contentment and our #reinvention? #SpiritChat

Q9. The action steps in my #reinvention for a second act will be… #SpiritChat