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“So, what’s new Doc?” – I asked her casually on twitter. “Doing my best to stay aligned…” – came the reply from a long time #SpiritChat veteran (and past host), @EmeliaSam.

This brief conversation got me thinking about #alignment and it’s importance in our lives. How many of us think about the state of our physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual alignment? And how often? We know when our cars are out of alignment, for we start drifting off the road, and have to constantly correct to “stay in our lanes”. Sometimes, we even grip the steering wheel more tightly, thinking that it may help us stay “aligned”. Perhaps, what we really need to do is to check that air-pressure in the tires, rotate those wheels, and get an all-wheel alignment. Then, when we get back on the road, we won’t have to constantly course correct, and we can loosen the grip on the steering wheel of life a little…

Yes. I could not help but use an automotive analogy in reference to alignment. I could have used any number of analogies – say, that of a rocket being launched or an airplane taking off or…. I think you get the idea. But alignment means more than simply being “in a straight line”. For when our alignment is “off”, we feel an uneasiness in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts, and in our spirits. This dis-ease, when neglected for a long time, eventually leads to disease, and may even manifest as chronic pain, or addiction, in some of us.

As they say, “a stitch in time saves nine” – so, perhaps we need to pay attention to this sense of mis-alignment when we first become aware of it. Physical mis-alignment is easy to detect, because it manifests quickly as pain. Emotional mis-alignment can reflect in our frequent “mood swings” and we may tend to fluctuate between highs and lows in response to minimal external input. Financial mis-alignment may show up in our struggle to make ends meet, or, for some, in our struggle to decide how to cope with our state of great financial prosperity.

So, what does “alignment” mean in the context of our practice of spirituality? How does spiritual mis-alignment manifest? What are some signs that we may not be in alignment with our beliefs? Once we detect spiritual mis-alignment, how do we correct it? In the September 1st #SpiritChat, we had discussed the topic of devotion – can an evaluation of “what are we devoted to” help us re-establish our alignment? For that matter, why is spiritual alignment important anyway? Can it lead to rigidity of beliefs, and rigidity of actions?

So, let us look into this subject of alignment a bit deeper. I invite you to join me and the #SpiritChat community as we examine some of these questions in our weekly chat on twitter – Sunday, September 8th at 9am ET. Namaste!


P.S. If you cannot join us in the live hour of the chat, I invite you to share your thoughts, your questions, your answers in the comments below. Thank you!

Update: Here are the questions asked during the chat. Feel free to answer in the comments… The full transcript and statistics are available at http://bit.ly/sc-tr-0908 . Enjoy!

Q1. “Alignment”. What it does it mean to you in your current life-context? #SpiritChat

Q2. What are some “reference points” against which you gauge your sense of alignment? #SpiritChat

Q3. How does mis-alignment manifest in our lives? How do we correct it? #SpiritChat

Q4. Is a Guide/Master necessary to restore our spiritual alignment? Or can we self-align? #SpiritChat

Q5. What role do our beliefs, our values play in our feeling “well-aligned”? #SpiritChat

Q6. Do you believe that a global spiritual re-alignment is happening? Why or why not? #SpiritChat

Q7. How does our well-aligned being impact our friends, families, communities? #SpiritChat

Final Q8. What action steps will we take, to practice better spiritual alignment? #SpiritChat