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September is one of those months where we are blessed with a fifth Sunday! In the past, we have used the opportunity of this extra Sunday in the month to do a review of the chat topics of the month, to try and find a common thread that runs through them all. We have even used some of these final Sundays of to look ahead to the month coming up, renew, revise and regroup…

So, in the spirit of this final Sunday of the month, I propose that we try an experiment. I had casually mentioned in last Sunday’s chat on “letting go” (September 22nd 2013) that “one of these Sundays, maybe I will let go of all these questions and we can just talk….”. I know that at least one or two eagle-eyed #SpiritChat-ters spotted my remark, and one of them even “dared” me to do so. So, here we are. Ready to experiment 🙂

Thinking back to science class, an experiment can be divided into several parts. An “aim” or “hypotheses” that we are trying to test. A set of “tools” or “apparatus” that we will need to conduct the “procedure” that will help us prove or disprove our “hypotheses”. Then, we record our “observations” and draw a “conclusion”. So, what is this experiment that we are going to conduct on the subject of spirituality, and try and discuss in our live weekly twitter chat?

Well, that is where You, the community members, can help me out. If you were to conduct an experiment in spirituality, what would it look like? Let us begin at the beginning. What is the “aim” or “hypothesis” that you would set out to examine, to prove or disprove? Perhaps I can give an example hypotheses, in the form of a question: Does the pursuit of knowledge help or hinder us in our spiritual growth?

Experimenting with Flames
Will the brightest flame burn the longest?

I am sure that those of you who are reading this, have questions that you ask yourself, and perhaps, would like to ask the #SpiritChat community. Some of these questions may fade in and out of your consciousness, and maybe there is a particular question that is at the forefront of your heart right now. If yes, I invite you to participate in our experiment by posting your (spiritual) question(s) in the comment section below. If we get enough of your questions before the hour of the chat, we will discuss a few of them. If not, then I will bring some questions, and we will discuss how to conduct a better experiment 🙂

Let’s have some fun with our experimentation. For many have said, in different ways, that “spirituality has to pass the test of science”. I believe in the creativity of the #SpiritChat community. I am sure you will frame some interesting hypotheses, and share your questions with us in the comments below.

Thank you ~ I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 29th at 9am ET in #SpiritChat. Let us step joyfully, into the Spirit of Experimentation. Namaste!


Update: Here are the questions asked during the chat. Enjoy, and feel free to answer in the comments… The full transcript and statistics are available at http://bit.ly/sc-tr-0929 . Enjoy!

Q1. Consider the phrase: “A Spirit of Experimentation”. What feelings does it invoke? #SpiritChat

Q2. How does the scientific way of experimentation intersect with spirituality? Or does it? #SpiritChat

Your Q. Q3. When you know a belief has become outdated, what do you do with it? Surrender? v/@IntuitiveHeal #SpiritChat

Your Q4. What’s the best way to let go of what we truly want, so we can manifest it? v/@womenandbiz #SpiritChat

Q5. “My Experiments with Truth” -Gandhi’s Autobiograhy (v/@waynemcevilly). Can the Truth be experimented with? How? #SpiritChat

Your Q6. In making big decisions, how to differentiate “letting go” versus procrastination? v/@TranslationLady #SpiritChat

Q7. What to do, if and when we experience “failure” in our spiritual experimentation? #SpiritChat

Final Q8. Insert your question here, as it applies to YOUR spiritual growth… 🙂 #SpiritChat