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It seems like our #spiritchat conversations gravitate towards the topic of abundance around the time(s) of spring and autumn. Earlier this year, we talked about abundance at the onset of spring in the northern hemisphere. Now, here we are, in October, and autumn is in full swing, and my host for this Sunday, Simon Harvey, suggested that we talk about abundance. And I heartily agreed with him. For I left autumn in the North, to come and celebrate spring, and abundance, in the South (of Brazil) for a few days.

Simon Harvey has been a supporter of #SpiritChat since the very early days (for almost two years now), and he might have well been a part of the very first #SpiritChat conversation. So, it is with great pleasure, that I introduce you to Simon, as the host of this Sunday’s live twitter conversation on #abundance. Simon was kind enough to share a few thoughts on abundance with me, which I share with you below.

If you look closely there’s abundance everywhere. Within abundance lives raw energy. When abundance is seen it can be overpowering. Abundance can be like a London bus, seemingly rare until there it is, and now a whole lot of them. But is abundance with us all the time, does abundance live within us and is our spirit the equilibrium to abundance? What does abundance feel like, what as we see abundance arrive in harvests, leaves and a season that has become abundant in giving, can abundance teach? – Simon Harvey

If we all were to develop a feeling, an attitude of abundance, how would it impact those around us? Do give it some thought. And then, I hope you will join @Simon_GB in what promises to be a wonderful discussion on #abundance on twitter, Sunday, October 12th at 9am ET (2pm UK BST). I know that all of you who participate will come away with a new perspective on this subject.

Be well. See you soon…


Simon Harvey is the founder of @N2PeopleSkills, loves to talk about “People Skills Development” and “Self Awareness”, and is an “Activist of Compassionate Life”.