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Our lives are full of color, and color seems to surround us wherever we go. In nature, the sky and the clouds, the sun and the moon (and even the distant stars, when we look at them up close), the earth and trees – they all have their unique colors, and may even exhibit different colors during different seasons. The same goes for plants, flowers, animals, and so forth…

The science of color is fairly straightforward – we have the three primary colors – red, green and blue (RGB), and a seemingly infinite combination of colors can be derived from them. Perhaps, the most well-known example of this color-mixing is the rainbow – seven colors, derived from the three primary colors, all arranged in a beautiful, composite illustration. Each color is important in the composite – the rainbow would not be complete if you took out any one color, would it? No one color is necessarily ‘better’ than another – we may have an affinity for violet or green or orange or red – but, they all are significant in their own way. They all matter.

The rainbow of humanity can be viewed in the same way. In our physical, financial, emotional and spiritual lives, we are all of a different color – in the sense that each of us are unique state. If violet were a ‘low’ state and ‘red’ were a high state (you can switch the order if you like), we all are somewhere along the spectrum, in the different areas of our lives. So, take a moment. Think about your physical health. Where along the spectrum are you? Where would you like to be? You can repeat the exercise for your financial, emotional and spiritual health, and other areas of your life.

The Color Wheel (via Wikipedia)

RBG color wheel50

Now, if I were to ask all of you to take all those colors from your self-exam of the four primary areas, and add them all up, what is the final color you would get? (need help with color mixing? Try this tool :)) Let me theorize that the resulting color represents the composite, holistic aggregate of your health. The present. And the composite color of where you would like to be, represents our future. And the spiritual journey that we are going to undertake, will take us from the present, to our future. For some, the present and the future may be the same. They may feel that they have arrived. For some, there may be some gap between the color of the present and the color of future.

I am here to tell you, that it is all, cause for celebration. As long as we are not color-blind, and we are aware of the color that our spirituality represents, and the color of that others’ spiritual health represents, we can celebrate. What are we celebrating? The fact that no matter what the color, we are all part of the bigger rainbow, and that no one color – in thought, word or action – can be discarded, without affecting the rainbow.

So, that is what the Celebration of Colors (an Indian Festival called Holi) has come to mean to me. An awareness of our humanity, our uniqueness, our commonalities, our communities, and above all our colors!

I hope you agree, that that is cause for celebration!


P.S. Join the weekly gathering of our global, colorful, #SpiritChat community on Sunday, March 16th at 9amEDT on twitter for a “Celebration of Colors”. If you wish, I also invite you to create a “collage of color”, which we can then share with the community on twitter. If enough of you create and share collages, maybe we can create a mega-collage, to celebrate our community. Thank you.

Here are the questions asked during the live chat. The answers are compiled in the storify summary. A full, complete transcript is also available at the hashtracking site (802 tweets, 71 contributors, 3.0M timeline deliveries, 0.37M reach). Enjoy!

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Q5. At times, what may prevent us from celebrating (with) our true colors? How to overcome? #SpiritChat

Q6. "Single, solid colors represent a higher  awareness than a mixture..." Agree or disagree? Why? #SpiritChat

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