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Ever since we learnt the letters of the alphabet, and then learnt how to build words, sentences and paragraphs out of those letters, we have been writers. All of us, whether we realize it or not, have perhaps written tens of thousands of words in our progress through school, and maybe even college. Some of us may have even taken formal “writing” courses, attended writing workshops, participated in writing seminars and so on. 

With the advent of the Internet came an entirely new type of writing – the “blog”. The blogging platforms leveled the writing playing field in favor of anyone and everyone who wanted to share their written work with the world. The traditional “long form” blogs were followed by micro-blogging platforms like Tumblr and its like. The advent of Twitter and its 140 character limit literally shrank the idea of “writing” – although some will rightly argue that tweets do not exactly qualify as works of prose.

Regardless of your style of writing, your favorite subject(s) of writing, your preferred platforms of publishing your writing (electronic or print), the length of your writing (short, medium or long), there is perhaps one thing in common. And that, is the innate desire to write. The desire to put our thoughts down on “paper”, the desire for self-expression. In this sense, the Spirit of a Writer is very close to the Spirit of an artist, a musician, a dancer, a sculptor, an inventor, and so on. The act of writing becomes an opportunity for us to communicate what we truly feel from a heart-based perspective. For some, it almost invokes a form of spiritual practice. 

I have been fortunate to befriend many writers in the course of my hosting of the weekly #SpiritChat conversation on twitter. One of those writer friends is Alexis Daria. Her twitter profile states: “Creativity, Literacy, Community. Tutor and group facilitator. Artist and writer.” Her blog is titled “Creative Staycation” (see http://creativestaycation.com ). In Alexis’ words,  "The Creative Staycation blog is a celebration, a sharing of creative and spiritual steps on this journey of the self.”  

I am delighted and grateful that she will be guest hosting our live twitter chat #SpiritChat on Sunday April 20th at 9amET on the topic: “The Spirit of a Writer”. She has some wonderful questions on writers, writing and spirituality lined up for you (yes, I have seen the questions, and some of her preparatory notes), and it promises to be a great chat! Please join @AlexisDaria and share your love of writing and spirituality.

Namaste, and thank you Alexis, for stepping up as I take a Sunday off of hosting duties for a family vacation. 

Be well. And for all those celebrating, a very Happy Easter to you and your near and dear ones 🙂