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I guess I would say to live well is your own ideal life situation… Which includes different aspects depending on who you are. It could be living well financially, morally, spiritually, or whatever it is that fulfills you. But what gets us there? If we believe we are living well now, how did we get here? How long ago did it happen? What made us realize the concept of living well has been achieved? If we don’t believe we are living well, what is missing? What will it take to get there? When will we actually feel fulfilled? 

Determining what drives us toward our goals, and how we set them, has a huge impact on who we become, and how we benefit each other. Living a “good life” is a concept often missed when we go about planning our futures. The important parts of life: True happiness, meaning, inspiration, and development of self become ignored while trying to become wealthy, following the norms of our particular community, or becoming influenced by others. 

I feel it is important to remember to ask ourselves- what is it that I really want? How do I picture my “good life”? Am I currently following a course that will get me there? 

So often people think it is selfish, acting only towards our own ideals. But it is what makes us become our best selves, the person whose unique traits shine and help us serve our appropriate purpose. Most importantly, it gives us pride, confidence and true delight every day. 

So its time to really explore what motivates us. Am I living well? Join us for #spiritchat Sunday June 8th at 9amET / 2pmUK / 6:30pm India for a “Living Well” conversation…

Meredith Bouvier

I’m a people person that loves to share stories and insights. A passionate dreamer with a drive to do great things in innovative ways. My greatest accomplishments in life so far have been learning to be a person I love, and finding a way to inspire others to reach their goals. I do this by reaching mine, setting more goals, & showing anyone who pays attention that there are no limits. – Meredith

I hope you find the time to join us and share as Meredith Bouvier (@merryb923) co-hosts our weekly conversation in #SpiritChat – she has been a long-time participant in the weekly chat, and shares wisdom beyond her years every week with us. Thank you, Meredith! – Kumud

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