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From the day that we are born into the physical realm, our adventure begins. We may or may not be conscious of the adventure, but we are immersed in it as we steadily grow in the physical space around us. As newborns, a lot, if not all of our learning about the physical world comes from adventures in using our senses – we see, we hear, we ’speak’, we ‘eat’ (and mouth our toys :)) – and more… As we grow further in the physical space, we learn to crawl, to walk, and then, to run, and our spirit of adventure grows as we explore more of of the world around us. 

As long as our spirit of adventure leads us, our exploration continues. For some of us, as we grow ‘older’, this spirit of adventure seems to wane or weaken, or even get buried, as we assume more ‘responsibility’. Then, the ‘balancing act’ between what others think of us and our actions, and what we think of ourselves and our actions, begins. Our ‘conditioned’ mind tells us is that it is all part of ‘growing up’, even though our intuition and our heart may tell us, tug at us, to pay more attention to our spirit of adventure!

Some of us ‘adults’ do discover that adventure need not be confined to our actions in the outer, physical world. There are many layers to our being, and the physical layer is just one of them. We discover that ‘rearranging our inner furniture’ gives us as much a sense of adventure as white-water rafting in a river with category 5 rapids 🙂 We may come to the realization that ‘walking the dog’ and watching him or her explore new territory with unfettered joy rekindles the spirit of adventure within us. 

And so, the adventure continues. We, the #SpiritChat community, embark on a ‘group adventure’ every Sunday – at least that is the way that I look at it. The space that we ‘meet in’ gets colored by all our diverse life adventures, as we ‘play’ with the question and answers. One way that the spirit of adventure is rekindled is when we rediscover play, humor, light and lightness. Even though our outer world may be weighed down, and feel dark, we can lighten and brighten it by living in That awareness of inner shine and lightness.

For those of you who have read this far, and all of you who have supported #SpiritChat and/or continue to support the community, I am grateful. Without all of you, our weekly conversations would not have the same Spirit of Adventure that we experience every week. It is all of you that remind all of us that the (inner) adventure continues as long as we want it to continue…

Namaste, and be well in all of your life adventures,


P.S. Join us Sunday June 29th at 9amET / 2pm UK / 6:30pm India in our twitter chat… If you cannot join us live, I invite you to share your ‘greatest’ adventure with the #SpiritChat community in the comments below. Thank you!