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So many things can serve to restore us.  Be it in the physical realm, the emotional realm or the spiritual one, to be restored conjures images of being made whole again, of being returned to harmony.

Being restored, to me brings forth the image of us as containers (a vessel for Storing), that for whatever reason have been partially or completely emptied.  Often that container is re-sealed to prevent further emptying.  However a sealed container, while no longer able to lose anymore of its precious contents, is also prevented from being filled back up.

Restoration or refilling of what we have lost requires us to take a risk. We must allow ourselves to become open, and like the sealed container, run the risk of further loss. Therein lies the classic risk/reward scenario.

This week’s #spiritchat will allow us to explore and discuss what fills our spirits, how we maintain our vessel, and the ways we look to restore ourselves when we have experienced an emptying.

I look forward to hosting this week’s discussion along with Kumud.  I know, as in the past I will take away so much more than I ever contribute.


Mike Hanlon

B.Ed., Q.Med, CRJ

I invite you to join me (@AjmaniK) and @HanlonMike on Sunday July 13th 2014 at 9amET in our weekly twitter chat. We will discuss the topic of “restoration’ with Mike Hanlon as co-host for our conversation This serves as a great follow-on chat to our topic of “Energy” from last Sunday. Thank you, Mike!

Mike Hanlon is a Speaker, Writer, Mediator, Conflict Coach & Trainer, RJ, and Author of “Creating a Caring Classroom Community”. He lives in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.