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It is three o’clock in the afternoon and I have snuck out into the backyard with my cup of tea.

A gorgeous day has unfolded among the trees as the wind rustles the leaves and plays with their hair…

The birds, who were so loud at daybreak, are silent in their repose, as they enjoy, what is perhaps going to be, one of the last warm afternoons, before autumn begins her unstoppable march…

Yes. An active calm brought about by nature, puts me immediately into a state of outer calm. And slowly, as the afternoon turns to evening, and I get caught up in the life of work and the workings of life, I will carry some of this outer calm within me, to transform it into an inner calm. An inner peace.

Many of us have experienced similar moments – of active or passive calm, of active and passive peace. Some of these actively calm moments may have come in the middle of a hike through a forest, a morning walk in the middle of a winter storm, in watching the waves crash on the shore as the ocean brings the tide home… Other moments, of passive calm and peace, may have come while watching a baby sleep peacefully, and wondering – where does that smile that flits across the sleeping baby’s face come from? Calm moments can also come in the freshness of the crisp air as you walk out the front door, and pause, to admire the perfectly placed drops on dew on blades of grass, or the fragment of the ocean resting on the flower slowly opening to welcome the rising sun…

Moments of active calm and peace can be experienced while we engage in active living, in being in a calmly active state. Yes, when Parmahansa Yogananda, in his book, Inner Peace encourages us to be so, I want to believe him. I do believe him. When he says,

You cannot buy peace. You must know how to manufacture it within, in the stillness of your daily practices…

Yes. Stillness! A conversation we had in the #SpiritChat community just last week! Yogananda goes on to say…

Everything in the phenomenal world displays activity and changefulness, but tranquility is the nature of the divine…

It seems so simple – our own innate divine nature, our truth of tranquility, is calling to us. How do we return to it? He suggests a way…

In our consciousness, we need to learn to level and still the three mental states of upheaval – the waves of sorrow and gladness, and the dips of indifference between them…

And then, when we learn to do that, to be level and still in our consciousness, what will be our reward?

In stillness, we will perceive within ourselves, the placid ocean of spiritual soul-calmness expanding into the boundless sea of tranquility in Spirit

It is certain that Inner Calm and Peace can be ours. We will have to work for it though, through diligent practice. Our spiritual practice – whatever that may be, whether meditation or prayer or journaling or Yoga or service or… If the practice is increasing our Inner Peace, we could say that it is working well for us. If it isn’t, then we may need a change, or an adjustment, a re-evaluation with a friend who can give us a new perspective.

It is time for me return to my cup of tea, and listen to the dance of the wind in the tress. But before I go, let me invite you to share with friends, old and new, your inner calm, your inner peace. Sunday, September 21st at 9am ET 2pm UK / 6:30pm IST on twitter, in the circle of practitioners called #SpiritChat.

Namaste. OM. Peace. Peace. Peace.


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