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The last week of October and the first week of November usually bring a confluence of festivals and celebrations for our household. The five days of the “Festival of Lights” (Diwali) and the many variants of “Halloween” (harvest, trick or treat, scary stories and more) are enjoyed in their various forms and manifestations by the intergenerational and intercultural mixture of folks in our home and our community of family and friends. This year, the entire final week of October seemed to be occupied with light, levity, laughter and lightness.

So, it was natural that my Saturday morning “meditation” about a topic for our Sunday morning twitter chat brought me to “Light and Lightness”. The idea that Light is an important element of our existence cannot be understated. Natural light, provided by the Sun, is said to sustain the existence of all living beings. There is a lot of scientific evidence which shows that the presence of natural Light influences our mood, our activity levels, our ability to heal, and more.

The idea of “inner” Light also finds favor among those who have experienced it as part of their spiritual practice. When I consider the concept of enLightened souls, I think of individuals who have succeeded in removing all “darkness” from their words, their actions, their being. The notional lighting of lamps in the “Festival of Lights” emerges from this striving – to help us remove “inner darkness”, also called tamas. As I try and connect Diwali and Halloween traditions, I find it interesting that pumpkin décor follows a similar notion. The “inside” (of the pumpkin) is removed, and a candle or light is placed within to make the pumpkin glow from the inside out 🙂

Light creates a feeling of Lightness in our spirit, doesn’t it? When we see the sunrise, or the full moon on a dark night, it tends to elevate our spirit. Darkness creates a feeling of heaviness. There is perhaps a good physical reason for this. Physics tells us that Light particles, called photons, are perhaps the lightest “particles” known in existence. Is that why exposure to outer or inner light, has the ability to alleviate any heaviness that we may be feeling in mind or spirit? Like the enlightened master, Osho has so eloquently stated on the role of lightness in attaining wisdom:

“Wisdom is light”. We many not need any more proof of the importance of being light-hearted, shedding our heaviness, our unnecessary seriousness, so that we may rise in our lightness, like a photon of light.

We will explore the interplay of Light and Lightness some more in our weekly #SpiritChat. Join us Sunday, November 2nd at 9am EST / 2pm UTC / 7:30pm India for our weekly conversation on twitter. Note the time shift to 2pm UTC because of a one hour time shift in most of North America on November 2nd.

Until then, I wish you the best of Light, and a Lightness of being that inspires your spirit and all those that you connect with,