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Our featured guest on our weekly twitter chat #SpiritChat this week is Fran Held, founder of @MitzvahCircle foundation. In celebration of the United Nations effort called #GivingTuesday on December 2nd 2014, we will discuss the Spirit of #Giving with the intent to raise awareness about the work that @MitzvahCircle is doing, and examine the different facets of how #Thanks and #gratitude can lead to #Giving. ~ Kumud

All you need is one person to say “Yes!”

Mitzvah Circle Foundation—was created without seed money or donors—our goal—is and has always been–to meet needs of people in crisis. This means we walk with people through the tragedies of their lives. Mitzvah Circle Foundation helps people who have fallen through the cracks, providing assistance—tangible items like; diapers, clothing, toiletries, school supplies and shoes—along with guidance and referrals. We do this quickly, with care and compassion.

At Mitzvah Circle Foundation, we don’t speak of –making an investment in a person or a family. We don’t think about people in these terms. We believe that—every person and each and every family is of value and is worth our time and resources. We believe that every person matters.

We also believe and I know that Sometimes you just need one person to say yes…to offer help… and to care at a critical moment and life is changed forever. This is why Mitzvah Circle Foundation doesn’t put up barriers to help— instead we open our hearts. For the last 5 years, Mitzvah Circle Foundation has been the only organization to say yes to thousands of people in need who have heard a lifetime of Nos.

At Mitzvah Circle Foundation, we really see people—not defined by their wounds but through their unique gifts. We see the light that shines from the deepest part of every person’s being—even in times of pure darkness.
I want you to know that you matter. You—our supporters are the reason that Mitzvah Circle Foundation has served over 30 thousand people in need this year. Your kind words, time, and donations make our work possible.

You are the reason that babies on ventilators receive free diapers from our diaper bank. It is because of you that Steven’s dad who is dying of cancer has new pajamas today. You are the answer to every child who is hungry—who has no food at home and receives our Food4Hope bags. This work—our work– is only possible because you said “Yes.”

~ Fran Held
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A short video ~ It Just Takes One Peson to Say Yes!

Fran is the Founder and Executive Director of Mitzvah Circle Foundation, a 501©(3) that provides hope and dignity to individuals and families during times of crisis, poverty, homelessness and serious illness. She cares deeply about people who have fallen through the cracks, and created MCF to remove barriers and bureaucracy, to provide support and guidance with care and compassion.

I invite you to join us Sunday, November 30th at 9amET / 2pm UTC / 7:30pm India for this conversation with @MitzvahCircle ~ More importantly, I invite you to take action, and give what you can, where you can, in your chosen way, big or small. Know that it will make a difference, to you, the giver, and the receiver.
If you choose to give to @MitzvahCircle, you can do so at their #giving page ~ our #SpiritChat partner for December 2014. If possible, please mention #SpiritChat in your donation, so we can keep track of our #giving effectiveness for future efforts. Thank you! – Kumud