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Our featured guest on our weekly twitter chat #SpiritChat this week is Craig Zabransky, founder of “Stay Adventurous”. Please join me and Craig in a conversation on Sunday, December 7th 2014 at 9amET / 2pmUTC to celebrate the Spirit of Adventure! ~ Kumud

Ever take a trip or do something just outside your comfort zone and feel truly “alive?” Did you let go of all your day-to-day issues and worries discover your true self, a happy self? Did you find a version of you that you love, but a version not often present in your daily routines?


Well, do you want live every day as that adventurous version of yourself?

Yes? Me too.

I often question why people leave or even save such feelings for the weekends, holidays or special occasions? Why can’t everyone bring that spirit to our every day? Well, I believe we can, once we understand this spirit of adventure is a mindset, a choice.

Adventure is different for everyone. The same activity or thought patterns may not be considered adventurous by everyone’s standards, absolutely. But when we travel, when we explore, that adventurous person and the spirit of adventure often comes to the dinner table with us. He or she comes out and we often have some of the best times of our lives. Those moments become our stories and those adventures often become how we want to be remembered. People show their true self, who they really are, their essence, their spirit.

On Stay Adventurous; a mindset for travel a mindset for life, I encourage my readership to start to make this adventurous spirit part of the everyday. The travel related stories encourage and at times even state how to focus on taking back ideas and learnings from the road and make them part of a post adventure you. We can eat the cuisines, dance to the songs, we can experience (and celebrate) each sunset, and more.

For starters, I recommend the sunset. The moment is a perfect place to begin since it occurs everywhere and every day. Why not stop and appreciate it regardless of your location? It’s beautiful, albeit different, but beautiful everywhere. Knowing this is a perfect stepping stone to obtain a more adventurous outlook on life. You realize it is not just for travel or special occasions, but available every day. It becomes a choice we can make. And that is why I created the Sunset Sunday Series and also why I chose my mantra – stay adventurous.

So let’s discuss how a spirit of adventure becomes more of a journey and not a destination. Let’s use this adventurous spirit inside all of us to make a better you and me and raise the consciousness of everyone around us.

Stay adventurous in spirit, Craig

Craig Zabransky, an ex-global management consultant for Wall Street banks, traded in the pinstripe suit for life as a freelance writer, photographer, and social influencer. His new goal is to encourage people to take and make adventure in their lives. His focus on Stay Adventurous.com is to show, how the spirit of adventure, is a mindset for travel and a mindset for life. Simple reminders on the obtaining the adventurous mindset can be found in his 2015 Sunset Calendar – Get the Sunset Mindset and also via his tweets @StayAdventurous

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