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The heart of the matter is that we need to take care of our heart.

From a physical perspective, the value of a healthy heart cannot be overstated. In order for us to make positive, forward progress in our journeys, an effective, efficient heart matters.

From a mental perspective, the ‘heart of our mental processes’ needs to be healthy, so that we can rely upon our intellect to give us the wisdom to make good decisions.

From an emotional perspective, the ‘core of our emotional state’ needs to be healthy, so that our emotions remain in balance with our intellect.

When we combine the physical, the mental and the emotional, we find that the enlightened confluence of these three “heart centers” can create a “heart-centered consciousness”.

And out of that heart-centered consciousness can emerge That self-awareness which connects us to the higher Self. It is that same consciousness that can lead us to act with goodness, think in goodness, feel the goodness that permeates all the elements around us in nature, and within us.

That’s my perspective on “the heart of spirituality”. With all my heart, I ask you to consider this as an invitation to explore this question:

What is the heart-center of your work, your dreams, your thoughts, your emotions, your life?

Take a few minutes. Meditate on the question. Write a few words, or a few paragraphs. And, if you happen to be on twitter on Sunday (Feb 15th) morning from 9-10amET (2pm UTC), join us and share in our weekly conversation in #SpiritChat.



P.S. She calls it “the zen-tangle” ~ I share with you, in the hope that inspires reflection… Enjoy!

Zen tangle heart 2014