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In physics class, we were taught the basic principle of electricity – for a given “potential” (voltage), the amount of current that flows through a “circuit” is inversely proportional to the amount of “resistance” in the circuit. The practical application of this principle can be felt in many areas of lives, if we view our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, each as interdependent “circuits”. An increase in the amount of “resistance” in any one of our “bodies” will add to the overall resistance of our holistic electrical system, and hence reduce the amount of “current” that is available to us…

So, why is this analogy of “life-current” important? We can view our “life-current” as that energy which comes available to us on our life-journey. Yes, some of us may have more or less of latent, unrealized potential. However, regardless of the amount of potential we may have, that potential can only be manifest when a certain amount of “resistance” is encountered by us in our daily lives.

Too much “resistance”, and our potential manifests as lowered life-current ~ this can decrease our dynamic ability to work, to live, to love, and to experience Joy. Too little resistance, and we tend towards very high life-current ~ this can eventually overload of our life systems, where we develop the typical “Type A” personality, and eventually “blow our fuses” or “burn out our circuits”. The good news is that we have the ability, through our daily practices, to monitor our “internal resistance”, and modulate it to produce the amount of current that we need in a given moment for the task at hand!

How do we monitor our “internal resistance”? A first step is to become observers of our thoughts and emotional patterns. The triggers that increase our “inner resistance” are often the well-known culprits – too much attachment, greed, jealousy, anger, lust, stress and so on. We feel our life-force slipping away, our attitude tends towards negativity, and we start seeing all that is wrong with our world. The good news is that we can counteract these resistance-raising culprits by cultivating our Joy-giving friends – compassion, friendliness, empathy, empowering action, simplicity, equanimity and inner peace.

When we carry our inner-peace with us in an unruffled, steady, relaxed physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state, it manifests a balanced, optimal life-current for us. Relaxation restores balance in our lives, when we learn to enjoy it, make time for it, take Joy in it. With so many tools at our disposal, including the ever-present availability of nature, we perhaps need to make the “Joy of Relaxation” a priority in our lives. What do you think? Do you make time to balance your “inner resistance” create Joy in your life by making time and space for relaxation? Do you do this on a regular basis, like brushing your teeth in the morning? Or do you do it on a “time available” basis? When you do relax, how do you know when you are truly, deeply relaxed?

If you have read this far, I invite you to come share with is in our “relaxed” weekly chat on twitter in #SpiritChat on Sunday, March 1st 2015 at 9am ET. Share your favorite relaxation tools and practices, so that all of us in the community can learn from you and create more Joy in our lives.

In closing, I hope that we find Joy in the knowing that there is an opportunity to relax in every breath 🙂