“Dad. The Swami was really funny at times… and he must have rehearsed a lot for all the speaking that he did!”

This was my daughter’s comment, as we were leaving the evening session with the visiting speaker from Southern California, who had spoken extensively on a wide range of topics encompassing “practical spirituality”. The fact that Swami Sarvadevananda had managed to communicate his message with a lightness of heart that connected with the mind of a grade-schooler, was a great testament to his communication abilities. It also reiterated what I have read and heard many a time in books and lectures ~ spirituality is serious business that is best conducted with a light-hearted approach.

It so happens that this was the second instance, in the matter of a few days, that this message was communicated to me. A few days ago, I stumbled upon a video which featured a collaboration between Mike Myers (of Saturday Night Live and Austin Powers fame) and Deepak Chopra (pioneer of mind-body medicine ideas and much more). Their conversation centered around an effort to explore the connection between comedy and spirituality. It made me see Mike Myers, the “goofball comedian” in a totally different light in that how he used comedy as a “spiritual practice”. At the end of the documentary, Deepak Chopra commented: “Humor and comedy are our tools to deal with our own mortality”.

We all know the feeling when our hearts are heavy with sorrow, anger, effects of illness, and such; and how an uplifting message from a caring spirit can immediately lighten our load. External conditions like the weather and the seasons can have a similar effect of heaviness or lightness, depending on how our minds and bodies react. In a metaphorical sense, developing a lightness (of spirit) can be interpreted as a practice that can help us travel farther with a given amount of energy. One of my favorite analogies is that of mountain climbing – the higher one goes, the thinner the air becomes, and the more important it is to travel light, so one can keep climbing…

So, what are your thoughts on #lightness and its role in spirituality and your spiritual practice? What are the risks in approaching spirituality with a light-hearted attitude? How do you incorporate #lightness in your actions in your daily life? What are some obstacles to an adoption of #lightness in our home and work environments? What are some ways in spreading the message of #lightness in our communities? How does #lightness affect the process of healing?

On behalf of the #SpiritChat community, I invite you to come and share with us on Sunday, March 15th 2015 at 9am EDT / 1pm GMT on twitter. I will bring some questions, and I encourage you to inspires us with your #lightness and light-hearted approach.