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What is my personal spiritual mission?

From time to time, this question returns to me, albeit it may appear in different forms. The word “mission” may be replaced with the word “purpose” or “goal”, or the broader phrase – “why am I here”? This seemingly existential question may indicate a discontentment with the current state of our lives, or it may be part of a periodic evaluation that some of us do to take stock of where exactly we are on our life journey. If the question arises from “a divine discontentment”, it may a manifestation of the motive energy that we need to move forward on our path. If it arises during a process of “self-evaluation”, it may be a sign that we are growing in mindful awareness, and want to make optimal use of the spiritual energy available to us.

Regardless of the origin of the question, the answer may not come easily for most of us. Some of us, who believe in the power of “the calling”, may have decided to be patient and wait for the answer. Some of us, who believe in the power of “the journey is the calling”, may have decided that every step forward brings us closer to the answer. Some of us, may believe that it isn’t even necessary to have the answer, and that the definition of a “spiritual mission” is unnecessary – living “in the moment” is enough – for a “mission” indicates a sense of being bound by space and time, and true spirituality means freedom from space and time.

For the “goal oriented” among us, the actions of “goal setting”, to achieve our purpose, to fulfill our “mission”, can give us a sense of comfort. The “comfort” comes from the self-discipline in thought, speech and action that we know we have to bring into play, if we are to work towards our goals. The “rules of the game” are clear, and the personal and universal “truths” that define our mission are clearer still. These clarities lead to synergy of action between man and nature, making optimal use of our powers of intellect and creativity, to clear our path to spiritual “success”. We learn to control our energy, our mind and senses, we learn to concentrate, and perhaps even meditate, which further helps us to achieve our purpose, our mission.

But what if one is not exactly “goal oriented” or “mission driven”? What is to become of their spiritual growth, their life-purpose? What if one does not have, or has not been able to clarify their “spiritual mission”? What is the path of action for them? Are they to simply resign themselves to being under-achievers in their spiritual journey? Is a “personal spiritual mission” absolutely neceesary to be a spiritual “high achiever”? Or is there an alternate, non goal-oriented, non mission-driven, spiritual journey that is full of truth, joy and enlightment possible for them?

If you have a clear, personal spiritual mission that is guidiing your journey, and you would like to share it with us, please join us Sunday, March 22nd 2015 at 9amET on twitter in #SpiritChat. If you are in the process of clarifying your mission, or you believe that you don’t really even need one, we also want to hear your thoughts. We welcome all of you to join the community, so we can all learn and grow together.

Thank you, and Namaste!