#SpiritChat Openness & Oneness

April 12th 9amET ~ On Twitter and beyond

I am very grateful that long-time community member and #SpiritChat supporter, Alexis Daria (<a href=“http://twitter.com/AlexisDaria”>AlexisDaria</a&gt; on Twitter) will take over hosting duties for this chat! Here are some Qs that Alexis has kindly drafted for the chat ~ Reflect, Enjoy and I hope you will be participating ~ either “live hour” or after the fact via your tweets or your comments here.

Thank you, and Namaste ~ Kumud

Q1: What does it mean to be open? What thoughts, feelings, or images does it evoke in you? #SpiritChat

Q2: How can we cultivate greater openness within ourselves, especially when feeling closed off or separate? #SpiritChat

Q3: What does it mean to you to feel a sense of oneness? How do you identify it? #SpiritChat

Q4: What does a sense of oneness and connection help you build within yourself? #SpiritChat

Q5: What practices lead you to greater feelings of oneness and connection? #SpiritChat

Q6: How does openness contribute to oneness? And how does oneness contribute to openness? #SpiritChat

Q7: We talk about being “one with nature” – why? What is the significance of this concept? #SpiritChat

Q8: How do you maintain a state of openness and oneness in situations where boundaries feel necessary? #SpiritChat

Q9: How can we bring oneness and openness into our daily lives and communities? #SpiritChat

Q10: Open up! Share something you’re working on, if you like. 🙂 #SpiritChat