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Intuition – why is it important?

You probably have an answer to its
importance… something you came to immediately… Was that answer intuitive or

When it comes to
career decisions, people sometimes think too much.  They make purely practical choices
without considering their heart’s desires. 
Work becomes a chore that drains them mentally and physically. 

It’s so much harder
when you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing.

a career consultant and executive coach.
I take people through a process of Soul Search, Research and Job Search and one of my greatest tools is using my
intuition to discover what my clients really want.

I use intuition to
ask the right questions.  This allows
the people I’m working with to uncover more about themselves
– insights that speak to who they really are (or want to be) at heart.  They say things like, “yes, that’s
always been a secret dream I’ve had” and this tells me that I’m tapping into
what their intuition is telling them.

At first, I thought
it was just logic or experience that led me these insights.  But I was able to do this without ever
meeting these folks or knowing their lives – just with a few conversations.
 That’s when I realized it was
something deeper.  My intuition
helped me tap into a source that got me on the same page (and fast) with people
I’d had no previous contact with.  

Intuition hasn’t
stopped there.  Once my clients see
the power – I encourage them to more closely listen to and follow their
intuition on a regular basis.  It
gets and keeps them in the right
mindset allowing them to find (and have the courage to follow) their
true purpose in life. 

Is intuition
something you’ve experienced?  Has
it helped your career choices or decisions?  Join me as I cohost this week’s #SpiritChat on tapping into this amazing internal resource
of knowledge and insight.


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CNN dubbed
Maggie “one of the nation’s best known career coaches.”  She’s hosted a career talk show on
SIRIUSXM, millions have watched her videos and appearances on YouTube, CNN, Fox
Business and The Today Show and others have read her advice in The New York
Times & USA Today to name a few.

Maggie also
coaches executives on managing their careers.  Her motivational advice to combine
passion, talent and mindset with career has transformed the lives of her
listeners, viewers and clients. With her spare time, Maggie has been known to
paint and sing cabaret.  Her
off-Broadway show was aptly titled 
“Follow Your Dreams.”  To listen to Maggie’s podcast, watch her videos and
find out more about her coaching services and
self-study workbooks, visit her website at

As part of our weekly twitter chat, join me as I host @MaggieMistal in #SpiritChat on Sunday, August 9th at 9amET. We look forward to talking about the role of #Intuition and its guidance in our lives. Please join us! Thank you. Namaste. ~ Kumud (@AjmaniK)