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Work As Gift Exchange, by Leslie Carothers, of @tkpleslie and @Messagesof_Hope.

We continue our weekly Sunday morning #SpiritChat conversations on Sunday, August 30th 2015 at 9amET/1pmUTC with our special guest, Leslie Carothers. Leslie will share with us as co-host, using the twitter handle of her latest project, @MessagesOf_Hope. A long time supporter of the weekly chat on twitter and the FB group, Leslie will discuss the subject of “Work as Gift Exchange” with all of us!. Please join in for what promises to be another beautiful ‘exchange’ in #SpiritChat. Do read and enjoy her very creative post below! – Kumud

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Spiritually, I’ve often thought of work as a gift exchange. A beautiful, flowing circle of energy between two people, equally valuing the gifts being exchanged. For one, it will be the gift of their time, their experience, their heart, their focus, their determination to do their best. For the other, it will be the gifting of their money and respect, for the one gifting them their time and experience.

The hard part for many people is identifying their true gifts and then putting a value on them that allows them to earn the living they would like to earn and need to earn to realize their dreams, while at the same time supporting the basic needs of their immedate family. Another difficult part for many people is communicating their gifts in a way that attracts their ideal gift recipient.

For the person with the money and the respect to gift, the difficult part is finding that person or company they can trust, that can solve their business or personal challenge, while at the same time being acknowledged and respected for how hard they’ve worked for their money.

Sometimes, the one with the money doesn’t respect the one with the gift of experience and when this happens, issues of control come up. What is control? Why does it appear? What’s at stake?

For the one with the money, who does value and respect the gifts of the one with the experience and time, a lovely flow begins to occur, as both sides realize that they need the other to form a complete circle that allows for the highest good of all concerned to emerge.

A term I’ve coined to make it easier to understand the idea of work as a gifting circle is #MONERGY. Money and energy are inextricably intertwined.

Think of it as magnetic filings. If you are clear on your gift, passionate about your gift and have communicated your gift clearly, you are like a #MONERGYMAGNET.

Clarity brings the circle together. The people with money to gift in exchange for the gift of time, experience, heart, energy, passion and focus are wanting to give it to you. They just need to find you, to feel you, to hear you to resonate with your values and to have a level of trust that you will respect their gifting to you of their money.

This Sunday, in #SpiritChat, let’s talk about our gifts and let’s celebrate and discuss the circle of MONERGY. Are you someone that has money to gift someone else to solve a business challenge or personal challenge for you? Or are you someone that has a special gift to give in exchange for money? A gift of your time, your experience, your heart, your energy, passion and focus? Or, are you both people? Most of us are both!

Let’s talk about mutual respect and win-win and what that means spiritually.

Let’s talk about trust.

Let’s talk about #TheButterflyEffect.

Please join in #SpiritChat this Sunday, August 30th at 9 am ET!

– Leslie


Leslie Carothers, @tkpleslie, is a long time participant in #SpiritChat, and is the founder of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a social media marketing agency focused on small busineses, with a special niche in the furniture and interior design industry. She is also the founder of #TheHopeBlog, on her site, http://messagesofhope.com, whose mission is to give hope a home by giving back, forever, to the charities you care most about.

Find her online at:



and the Messages of Hope Community on Google+

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