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Choices and Quality of Life

We continue our weekly Sunday morning #SpiritChat conversations on Sunday, November 15th 2015 at 9amET/2pmUTC with special guest, Marguerite Lorenz. We will discuss the subject of “Quality of Life” with the community, from the perspective of how well we are prepared for our future. Please join me as I host Marguerite, and reflect on the message she brings us in her post below. Thank you! – Kumud

I live and work as a professional trustee and executor. This work has allowed me to witness the results of thousands of life choices. Choosing to save money, rather than incurring debt. Communication choices; turning the other cheek or never speaking again. Planning ahead, or letting life’s tidal wave just happen.

For those who plan ahead, the desire to “do it right” is strong. They seek the questions to ask, ponder their choices, and take action. Those who refuse to consider their own quality of life & its protection are often victims of their refusal to deal with eventual mortality.

Adulthood comes when we accept the occasional unpleasant task for its reward, like housekeeping, or paying the bills. My Dad would tell you that washing your own floors and cleaning your bathroom (to your standard) is good living.

I invite you to look at “Quality of Life” from the point of view of being 90 years old, closing your eyes and picturing the best times of your life. What touches your heart? What makes you smile out loud? Now come back to your present: between here and 90, what choices do you need to make to protect that which is ‘valuable’ to you? What can you let go of? What help do you think you need, to have the best life you can live while making the best available choices?

What we believe, and what we do, affects the quality of our life in the present, and more importantly, in the future. Some of us have plenty, but are never satisfied. Some of us struggle to make ends meet, yet are grateful for it all. We are in the season of gratitude. I believe that a well-defined plan for our future is a loving expression of gratitude for the life we have; the people we love, the things we enjoy in our homes, and the community we wish to see continue to thrive.

This planning is not about our money, as much as it is about caring for ourselves and others. If more of us knew what we wanted, now and in the future, and took action by getting it in writing, we could eliminate elder abuse (an increasing problem), live better and have more to share. Though we know that at some point, each of us will die, we must also plan for incapacity, and the possibility that we will just be too tired to pay attention or protect ourselves.

Your written plan (or “Estate Plan” for your future is your oxygen mask; you must take care of yourself, before you take care of others. When we take care of our physical and financial needs in the now and in the future, we invite great mental and emotional peace, which lays the foundation for us to pursue our chosen spiritual path and practice…

Marguerite Lorenz (@SanDiegoTrustee)
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As mother of two teenage sons, Marguerite enjoys being around people, educating and listening. Marguerite says her favorite part of her work as a Private Trustee and Executor is really getting to know her clients. As Co-Author of “Ethics for Trustees – A Guide for All Who Serve as Trustee”, Marguerite continues to write for various periodicals. Marguerite was a 2009 Nominee for a Bravo Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Governor Brown appointed Marguerite to serve a four year term as a Member of the Professional Fiduciaries Advisory Committee, and she is serving as the Chairman.