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For those of us who may live on a different planet, perhaps even on a galaxy far far away, the news from planet Earth is that a great force is awakening. A force that has potential to bring about great change, greater peace and plant seeds of light to give birth to the greatest force of all…

I know that most of you are already eagerly raising your hands like gradeschoolers for the teacher to pick you because you know that you know that you know all about this ‘greatest force’! However, I ask you to wait, and walk with me for a few minutes. Let us take a look at all the forces we have at our disposal, and see how we may best use them to kick off a wave of change and celebration that will move the universe. So, in no particular order, and in a very loose classification, here goes…

Nature. The forces of nature that we see manifested in the physical world around us. Those forces which makes the sun rise, the waters flow, the wind blow, the earth move on occasion. There are the weather and climate forces which lead to rain, fog or snow, and to summers, autumns and winters that sometimes that feel like spring. Then, there are the seemingly invisible forces of nature – like those that make the grass and the perennials grow when spring arrives. The forces of nature may be visible or invisible to our senses, but we know that they exist because we sense their effects.

Science. The forces of gravity and magnetism have been ‘discovered’ by science over the past few centuries. Although our understanding of them is still unfolding, we have used considerable creativity to use these forces for our advantage and progress. One interplay of nature and science is in how we have learnt to employ magnetism to convert the flow of water wind, and sunlight, into electricity. The industrial and computer revolutions have largely come about through the judicious harmony of science and nature. As science continues to search for a ‘single unifying force’, we wonder about what other discoveries await us along the way? Can you think of more interplays between science and nature that have created progress for humanity?

Spirituality. We all have different notions of what it means for us to be spiritual, or what consists of a ‘spiritual’ experience. The forces of nature and science may enable our experience(s) of the “spiritual force-field” by providing us the environment, and the tools of reason, respectively. However, the spiritual force-field shall remain elusive unless we learn to use that most powerful of instruments of perception, the heart. Some of the forces of the spiritual force-field are empathy, intuition, friendliness, gratitude, thankfulness, joyfulness, peacefulness, willingness to serve, and many more. In the hearts and hands of every single human being who has known their power by direct experience, these forces that constitute the spiritual force-field, become unifying forces that create divine connection.

Are nature and science simply simplified manifestations of this spiritual force-field? Have you ever switched off all your other scientific and natural tools and instruments, and tapped into your spiritual force-field for guidance? If so, what was the result? What did you perceive that transcended the forces of the physical and phenomological world around you? Do you have a practice that can repeatedly tune you back into this spiritual force-field of heartfulness?

In one of the “Star Wars” movies, the main character, Luke, who is seemingly out of ideas, is exhorted to ‘Use The Force’. Those three words became the unofficial mantra for many of us of that generation, because they inspired us, beyond nature and science, to tap into a “force-field” that defied understanding. Young as we were, we were introduced to the idea of “The Force” as our constant companion. So, for those of us who may have forgotten, it is perhaps a good time to remind ourselves, to revisit with That force which has brought us this far, and rewaken It!

May we “Arise! Awake! And stop not until the goal is reached – Vivekananda”


Kumud @AjmaniK

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Historical note: “Stas Wars: The Force Awakens”, the 7th ‘Star Wars’ movie, was released on December 17th 2015. No, I have not seen the movie as of this writing. Yes, I have seen the original three movies, but somehow skipped the next three… šŸ™‚