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The subject of fear comes up in almost evey single #SpiritChat conversation, every single week. It often shows up as one of the responses to a question along the lines of “what prevents us from doing or becoming…”. So, when I invited our guest for this week, Tara (@HolisticSailor) to pick a topic for this week’s chat, I was glad that she chose to talk about “Facing Fear”. In her cover story on the subject, Tara writes…

Fear is uncomfortable but its avoidance can keep you from living a full life. Do we use fear as a crutch to not have to take responsibility for certain aspects of our lives? Or is it simply a result of wanting to control our environment and the people in it so that we are not faced with any unexpected situations?

Tara asks some great questions in her cover post, and tells a great personal story about fear and its consequences in her life as a sailor, an outdoor hiker, and her day to day life. I invite you to read her story about “Facing Fear”. After you read her story, visit with your own fears (you have some, don’t you?!), and put them in the context of your life right now. Then, join us for our weekly conversation on twitter as I host Tara as a special guest on the topic. Here are some questions that we may examine during our 9amET/2pmUTC hour on Sunday January 10th in #SpiritChat :

  • Where does fear live in your body? How does it manifest?
  • What has made you fearful in the past? How did you overcome?
  • What does fear enable? How can it move us towards (loving) action?
  • “Feel the fear and do it anyway…” ~ Agree or disagree? Why or why not?
  • What is one lingering, lifelong fear that you would like to face, overcome?

Some resources on the subject of Fear, collated and shared by @HolisticSailor :

Here is an introduction to Tara, in her own words (Also see http://holisticsailor.com for a lot more!)

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Hope to see you on Sunday. Have no fear – there will be plenty of tea and cookies for all 🙂

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