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We continue our weekly Sunday morning #SpiritChat conversations on Sunday, February 7th 2016 at 9amET/2pmUTC with our special guest and long-time friend, Janet Nestor. Janet will share with us as co-host, and I am excited to be hosting her in our live weekly hour on twitter.. Janet will bring two of her good friends, Joan Kappes and Denna Shelton, to talk about “I AM Choosing Love”. Please join in for what will be a unique discussion in #SpiritChat. Do read and enjoy Janet’s post below, and welcome our new friends, Joan and Denna. Thank You! – Kumud

#SpiritChat is a journey into friendship, community, and the exploration of the spirit within. All of us who’ve become Sunday regulars have found support for our journey within this community. Years ago when I decided to actively heal from early life chaos and trauma, I consciously made a commitment to forgive and find a better, happier way to live. At age seventeen, when I left home for college, I chose to make love a central theme in my life.

Since that time I’ve become an educator, a mental health therapist, embraced my natural intuition, and my talents for helping others to overcome their inner demons. I am dedicated to living a mindful, compassionate, loving life. What a surprise to find myself asking these three questions: Are you choosing Love? Do you have enough love in your life to create a fulfilling happy life? Are you content?

Early December 2015 my friend Joan Kappes asked me and another friend (Denna J.Shelton) to support her new project. She’d already begun Tweeting with the hashtag #IAmChoosingLove and wanted us to join her as partners in building a community “creating awareness that we always have the choice to love”. Participating felt important, but I didn’t fully understand what was about to happen within me.

My journey deepened. After two or three days of Tweeting #IAmChoosingLove I was bubbling over with positive feelings. I felt good! I felt happy. My heart was opening in a new way. Speaking about my choice to love in this way created an inner expansion that felt magical. I was gaining insight into the true nature of unconditional no strings attached love and the positive consequences of declaring my intention to a world-wide audience.

Because of all of our #IAmChoosingLove Tweets I am less likely to be critical with myself or anyone else. I find myself in a constant state of renewal. I am more in touch with the anger lurking deep within, yet I feel increasingly more care-free. I now use the same hashtag on Facebook and in my writing, and I’m finding ways to introduce others to the experience. #IAmChoosingLove now has a Pinterest board to share photo quotes and Tweets http://www.Pinterest.com/JanetNestor. You might find your picture quotes there if you Tweet with us.

Suddenly 2016 is no longer just a new year; it is a new way of being.

I hope that you choose to engage in our experiment. Tweet with us – @Joan_Kappes, @JanetNestor and @TwentyGems – and add your wisdom, insight, and humor to the steady flow of inspiration found at #IAmChoosinglove. Warning: Regularly Tweeting #IAmChoosingLove will change you in positive ways that will amaze you.
– Janet Nestor

About Us:

Joan Kappes Photo

Joan Kappes (@Joan_Kappes) is the creative power behind #IAmChoosingLove. Joan is a lover of life and adventure, living each day with joy and intention. She is a certified Life Coach, specializing in uncovering limiting beliefs and the effective use of the Law of Attraction. She is also an author, talk show host, retreat designer and creator of the interactive coaching site, “Come to the Edge Today!” Over the years she has worn many hats: Mom, Wife, Friend, Traveler, Life Coach, Youth Counselor, Business Owner, and Entrepreneur. Woven into her journeys, and especially today, she remains committed to helping people remember, rediscover and reclaim who they really are so they can live their life of joy. Her motto: “The destination is great, but it’s the journey we came for … it’s the joy-filled journey that is life!” Website: http://www.cometotheedgetoday.com Email: joankappes@gmail.com

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Denna Shelton’s (@TwentyGems) passion and purpose is to encourage and empower others through writing, public speaking and hands on healing. She is a published author, certified speaker, Reiki Master and clinical hypnotherapist. Through 25 years of education, and more importantly, personal experience, she enthusiastically engages these three modalities with her audiences and clients with the purest intention to make a positive, lasting impact in their lives. She opened Twenty Gems, Inc. in 2005. You can read about her e-book, Twenty Gems: Journey to Self, and explore her workshop at the following address: http://www.dennashelton.com/about_twentygems.htm. Read her blog post about #IAmChoosingLove at http://inyurl.com/zg69th6 Email: support@dennashelton.com

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Janet Nestor (@JanetGNestor) is a teacher, workshop leader, healing facilitator, and intuitive. You can find her on- line classes at the Spirituality Center at Learn it Live: https://www.learnitlive.com/teacher-profile-private.php. Janet is also a published author, energy psychologist, and licensed professional counselor with over 40 years of professional experience helping individuals, groups, and veterans. You’ll find the E- Reader version of her books at her Amazon Kindle Store http://tinyurl.com/js5q7c4 (books also available in paperback). Her books can also be found at Barnes & Nobel in Nook and Paperback. Schedule individual appointments using this link: http://mindfulpathways.com/email/ Email: well-being@janetnestor.com Blog & Website http://www.JanetNestor.com