We are on the road to Haridwar, the town at the foothill of the Himalayas, where the holy Ganges descends from a frozen glacier called the Gangotri, and spreads through the plains like a mother embracing all those who happen to cross her path with the loving kindness of one who takes on a mortal body to reveal to us a sliver of the love and beauty of the infinite, immortal divine mother…

And when that mortal frame has completed her service to the immortal in this limited earthly plane, she declares her freedom with aplomb, with a decisiveness that few can understand or begin to comprehend. Merger with the immortal becomes her newfound purpose and it becomes the duty of those who have experienced her loving grace and silent self-expression of freedom, to assist her as best they can in the ascension back to her spiritual home, her destiny of truth.

The journey home that begins with fires, assisted by the winds, fueled and supported by the earths, shall be finally consecrated by the waters. And what better waters than those of the river Ganges, which, for millennia, has assisted in the final freedom of saints and sinners alike. In the final freedom, the karma is all that we take with us – and what we leave behind is either a trail of love, friendship, compassion and joy, their perceived opposites, or a combination of the few.

The degrees of freedom that we manifest, enhanced with our choices and enabled by free will, determine the degree to which we unfold and grow the truth, awareness and joy that we originally brought into this mortal plane at birth. we often look towards others to set us free, show us the path to freedom. True freedom cannot be given to us from anything extrinsic; it is intrinsic to our spirit, just like radiance is to fire or wetness is to water.

And so, the journey of freedom to transcendence that was initiated in fire and water at conception, shall be completed with fire and water. What began from the infinite center of the circle, and journeyed outwards towards the periphery, shall return to the center yet again ~ for this expansion and contraction is an irreducible, infinite truth that connects the immortal with the mortal in Oneness.

The pithy maha-vaakya (great sentence), Thou art That, is as much an expression of Oneness, as it is that of freedom. The distance between Thou and That is one of perception, of vision, of the power of discrimination. And as I shall chant this great sentence during the immersion of the finite remains into the infinite waters of the Ganges, surrounded by my brother and close family members, I will be reminded that, I too, can look forward to the greatest freedom journey of all…

Will I be ready? Will I have manifested my mortal purpose? Will I have operated with the freedom of spirit that is my divine birthright?

The dust cretaed by fire and immersed in water shall tell my story… until then, let me find the courage to fully live in this moment of ultimate truth and freedom.

Thank you, Mom, and thank you, Divine Mother, for being teachers of life, instruments of love, messengers of light, speakers of truth, and freedom guides in the here and beyond.

Peace. Peace. Peace.


Kumud @AjmaniK

This post was written for our weekly twitter chat in #SpiritChat – February 28th 2016 (9amET/2pmUTC) while on the road from Delhi to Haridwar on February 25th 2016.