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The sky pours its light into our hearts,

We fill the sky with songs in answer.

We pelt the air with our notes

When the air stirs our wings with its madness.

O Flame of the Forest,

All your flower-torches are ablaze;

You have kissed our songs red with the passion of your youth.

In the spring breeze the mango-blossoms launch their messages to the unknown

And the new leaves dream aloud all day.

Excerpt From: Rabindranath Tagore. “The Cycle of Spring.”

As the march of spring continues unabated in the Northern Hemisphere, I return to the fire that is lit in my heart by the above words of India’s favorite son, Tagore. “The sky pours its light into our hearts” – this opening salvo, in and of itself, is enough to describe the pre-dawn light felt by many a backyard bird as their fast asleep eyes sense the onset of sunrise and come awake to “fill the sky with songs in answer”. What a simple yet beautiful exchange this is, do you think not? The choice made by the birds to fill the sky with song in gratitude…

We, of purportedly higher intelligence than birds, may wonder about, even analyze, the nature of this choice, and whether it is a conscious, informed choice by the birds or simply an involuntary response based on millenia of inner conditioning. But does it really matter whether the choice is informed or not? When the birds “pelt the air with their notes”, do we who hear those notes that fall from the sky upon our ears, not rejoice in their choice? Do the sounds of their symphony not possess the power to raise our spirits and elevate us, literally and figuratively, to face the day with joy and vigor?

Do we not make the choice to arise and awake, like the birds do, when the “air stirs our wings with its madness”? There is no amount of early morning caffeine that can create that kind of choice within our heart, is there? The stirring of our wings with a hint of madness sets our energy flowing, so that we can feel human and alive in our creative expression taking flight in the form of art, literature, science, and much more. And as we arise in our potential, and get a bird’s eye view of the world below, soaring over the forest of humanity, we may get a vision of a new and unheralded persepective of the once familiar forest…

In our choice to soar, our new perspective may show us that “all her flower-torches are ablaze…” – not one or two or a few, but all the flower-torches – does nature choose to discriminate between the blooming of one flower over another? Are there too many flowers that can bloom at a given time, on a given morning? Do all the flowers not rejoice in their choice of “…kissing the spring’s songs red with passion…”? If they all do indeed rejoice with equal fervor, then why not we humans make the choice that spring invites us to make… let us pelt the air with our notes, let the air stir our wings, set our heart torches ablaze, and unleash the passion of our youth yet again…

There is time enough yet remaining, for us to make the choices that will “in the spring breeze launch our messages to the unknown”. There is time enough, for us to choose to live this day anew, with the same renewal that is experienced by a new leaf budding on the branch of spring, “to dream aloud all day” to the symphony of the light that fills the sky, the very same sky that is full of new songs carried on the wind, the wind that is stirred so that we may learn to fly, the creative torches that are sparked ablaze by the wind carrying the fragrance of our dreams created with the kisses of mango-blossoms…

Arise. Choose to dream yourself awake. That is the invitation of spring. Will you accept?


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Cycle of Spring